Many earthquakes or tsunamis in Greece. Local overseas Chinese: tableware, tables and chairs are shaking

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Beijing, October 12 (Xinhua) according to the Greek times, according to the latest news released by the Institute of geodynamics of the National Astronomical Observatory of Athens, a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 occurred in Crete, the largest island in Greece, at 12:24 local time on October 12. Within half an hour after that, earthquakes also occurred on Santorini Island and cappassos island. This is another strong earthquake on Crete after a lapse of half a month

Many earthquakes or tsunamis in Greece. Local overseas Chinese: tableware, tables and chairs are shaking

according to several media reports, the epicenter of the earthquake was 23 kilometers east of Zakros, with a focal depth of 8.2 kilometers

after the earthquake, many residents of iraclion and yelapetra, which are close to the epicenter, evacuated to the open outdoor area out of panic. Local schools also organized emergency evacuation

a local overseas Chinese told the Greek times that he was having lunch when the earthquake occurred and obviously felt the shaking of tableware, tables and chairs. The earthquake felt stronger than the earthquake in Crete last month, and the vibration time was expected to be more than 15 seconds. Fortunately, the earthquake did not cause damage to his house

another Mr. Liu, who runs a shop in Crete, said that although the earthquake is stronger than last month, Greece is an earthquake prone country. People only need to pay attention to the personal safety of good people without excessive panic

except Crete, the residents of the cyclazes and dodecanis islands felt strong earthquakes. Even some Chinese working and living in Athens felt the earthquake, and the lamps in some people’s homes shook obviously. Many overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese businessmen have sent a circle of friends to report peace. At present, there is no news of overseas Chinese casualties and property losses

Many earthquakes or tsunamis in Greece. Local overseas Chinese: tableware, tables and chairs are shaking(1)

zerwakis, mayor of sidia, Crete, said that the strong earthquake caused damage and cracks in the city hall building. In addition, a church in the city also collapsed in the earthquake. Many local supermarket goods also fell from the shelves in the earthquake. As of press time, no reports of local casualties had been received

on September 27, Crete was hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8. The earthquake damaged thousands of houses, killed one person and injured dozens of people. As for whether there is a correlation between this earthquake and last month’s earthquake, seismologist Papadopoulos said that the two earthquakes show different characteristics, so there should be no correlation between the two earthquakes

it is worth noting that within half an hour after the 6.3 earthquake on Crete, earthquakes with a magnitude of 3.4 and 4.5 on the Richter scale were also recorded on Santorini and cappassos, respectively. For whether the Crete earthquake triggered earthquakes on other islands, the Papadopoulos family said that it was not possible to draw a conclusion at present. As for whether the 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Crete was the main earthquake, he said it should be, but it still needs to be observed for 24 hours

the Geological Survey Department of the Ministry of agriculture of Cyprus also announced on the 12th that the strong earthquake on Crete, Greece, can be felt even in Cyprus

since the epicenter of the trite earthquake was located in the coastal waters of Crete, the euro Mediterranean Institute issued a tsunami warning after the earthquake. Earthquake experts warned that there is a risk of a small tsunami in the south of Crete, and people should stay away from the coast. (Cai Ling)