Mao Weining: telling a good story is the most important

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Mao Weining, a famous director who has made such dramas as “silent oath”, “war flag”, “ordinary world” and “ten sent to the Red Army”, is considered to be one of the most storytelling directors both inside and outside the industry. Today, his spy war light comedy “Xiaguang” is being broadcast in the eight prime time theaters of CCTV. “Xiaguang” is written everyday, witnessing the great history with small people, and truly reproduces the glorious past of Dalian, a heroic city in the history of modern revolution. Recently, Director Mao Weining was interviewed by Qilu Evening News Qilu Yidian reporter

Mao Weining: telling a good story is the most important

kill the horse gun after leaving the spy war drama

Mao Weining has been deeply cultivated in the field of spy war drama for more than ten years in his early years. The silent oath, the unknown hero and the proof of identity are all his representative works that make him famous. “Later, on this road, I felt that my creative thinking and passion were gradually exhausted, so I turned my creative theme to era drama.” starting from “ten send the Red Army”, war flag, ordinary world, old traditional Chinese medicine, and then to this year’s “refining into steel” and “meritorious service”, Mao Weining opened up an era drama track of his own style. “Xiaguang”, which is popular on CCTV, is a comeback shot killed by Mao Weining ten years after he left the spy war drama

the reason why Xiaguang can attract Mao Weining back to the “battlefield” of spy war drama is the shell of its “light comedy”. The play tells a tense and exciting spy war story in a humorous light comedy narrative. “I’ve never made comedy, so I’m very interested. I like comedy works very much, so I’m willing to try such a style.” the combination of comedy and espionage makes Mao Weining very interested. In the play, Gao Daxia played by Tong Liya and Fang Ruoyu played by Liu Wei live in the same big house. They both know each other’s identity and guess each other’s political attitude. Therefore, a variety of interesting stories have been produced in this drama space, which has also become the characteristics of this play different from all types of spy dramas in the past

comedy is in line with the common sense of life expression

except for espionage plots such as enemy spy struggle, Xiaguang is essentially a life drama with a strong flavor of life. “In the past, we used to write a lot about how to cheat, how to identify the enemy and us, how to implement a plan, etc., but this play is not. It starts from life, writes about the relationship, destiny and situation of characters. You can look at it as a life drama of the past generation.” Mao Weining stressed many times in his interview that we should take “Xiaguang” Watch it as a life drama

“some people in this complex live together, and they exchange stories with each other, including many pots, bowls, spoons, etc., and you will find that the life quality of this play is very strong.” he further added that when there are specified situations in the life play, there are comedies in the specified situations. “The spy and the Communist Party live under the same roof. They monitor each other, eavesdrop on each other, test and collide with each other, and even eat in the same space. This is a stipulated situation that doesn’t appear in other plays.” in this stipulated situation, the characters should cover up each other. The protagonist Gao Daxia is an extremely distinctive person, Leng, straight, very young, Many scenes in the play are joint conspiracy. In the tense process, infinite comedy performance space is generated, which naturally produces many comedy scenes

in Mao Weining’s eyes, this kind of comedy is not stepping on the watermelon peel, winking and tickling the audience, but an expression in line with the common sense of life. Thus, with his profound directing skills and skilled drama scheduling, Mao Weining has successfully created a number of fresh and vivid characters, making this spy War theme based on strong plot fly out of the market

“storytelling” is a necessary lesson for directors

for 30 years, Mao Weining has directed many well-known TV dramas, which is known as one of the “best storytelling directors”. Except for costume plays, I have never dabbled in, most themes have been shot. “Mao Weining is not picky about types. He only cares about one principle:” can the script move me? ” He said that “being able to tell stories” should be a necessary lesson for every director. “Watching TV dramas is watching stories. How can the audience be satisfied if you don’t tell a story so that the audience can recognize and immerse it?”

and this first essence is also the perception brought by his decades of professional experience and creative experience. “When I was young, I might have my own so-called artistic pursuit of picture, structure and a certain artistic expression.” after slowly shooting a lot of plays over the years and trying various styles and types, Mao Weining gradually returned to nature, cut the complexity and simplify, and telling a story well has become the top priority in his work. “If you want to tell a story with twists and turns, you should not only tell it vividly, but also have strange peaks and steep peaks, but also carry on and change. In the end, you should attract the audience and let the audience see it.” Xiaguang is a model of telling a good story. As long as the audience sees it, they will watch it in one breath and can’t stop