Memories kill! “Gourd brothers” and “black cat Sheriff” 4K repair version Online

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Beijing, October 22 (Xinhua) Nezha, huluwa, black cat Sheriff… Is it your childhood memory? On October 20, watermelon video and volcanic engine held a 4K repair conference of “mending the old” classic Chinese video in Beijing. The first partners of the restoration plan include CCTV Animation group and Shanghai Art Film Studio. In the next year, 100 classic animations such as Shuke and beta and journey to the West will be restored

at present, 4K repair versions of six classic animation works, such as gourd brothers, Sheriff black cat, legend of Nezha, little tadpole looking for his mother, adventures of little carp and big head son and little head father, have been launched

Memories kill! “Gourd brothers” and “black cat Sheriff” 4K repair version Online

this watermelon video will focus on the medium video content, and the growth of animation is mostly within 30 minutes. Ren Lifeng, President of watermelon video, said that independent short films such as monkey fishing for the moon and little tadpole looking for mother are only more than 10 minutes, and the narrative is complete. Public information shows that since its establishment, shanghai art film studio has produced more than 500 cartoons, of which cartoons within 30 minutes account for more than 80%

it is understood that many old cartoons use film as the storage medium, which will cause fading, scratches, noise and other problems over time, and the repair process is complex and trivial. Wu Yunyue, repairman of Shanghai Film Studio, once said, “4K resolution is as high as 4096 * 3112, and the workload is equivalent to four times that of 2K repair.”

Zhao Shijie, researcher of volcanic engine multimedia laboratory, introduced that the video resolution and fluency of old films can be improved through technical means such as super-resolution and intelligent frame insertion. In addition, volcano engine has an independent video quality evaluation system to customize the repair scheme for each old film to achieve the best repair effect

Memories kill! “Gourd brothers” and “black cat Sheriff” 4K repair version Online(1)

“the difficulty of animation repair lies in the variety of types. Take” gourd brothers ” For example, the film is a combination of ink and paper cutting. In terms of restoration, we should not only ensure the sharpness of the characters, but also take into account the artistic effect of the ink and wash background. This requires very high technical ability, and the machine needs to be able to identify good prospects and afterscenes. “Zhao Shijie said

in addition, some works also introduce a manual repair link. After manually marking the bad points frame by frame, they can be repaired again. Generally speaking, a 10 episode series of animation with a single episode of more than 10 minutes has a total frame number of more than 200000, with a huge amount of repair

it is reported that watermelon video will also open the repair portal to provide AI repair support for ordinary users free of charge. (end)