More than 10 provinces have started to receive booster injections of Xinguan vaccine. How many injections have you received?

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, Beijing, October 13 (Zhang Yilin) according to the data released by the national health and Health Committee, as of October 11th, the total number of reported COVID-19 vaccinated was over 2 billion 220 million times. With the advent of autumn and winter, recently, many places have started to strengthen immunization work and start new crown vaccination

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launched more vaccines to strengthen immunization.

here, after strengthening the needle,” Gold code “changed” Diamond code ”

in September this year, Zhejiang, Henan and other places on the launch of the new crown virus vaccine to enhance vaccination. Up to now, according to incomplete statistics, more than 10 provinces such as Anhui, Fujian, Henan, Heilongjiang and Hubei have clearly started to strengthen needle vaccination</ P>

has launched COVID-19 vaccination in Hubei, Wuhan, Xiangyang, Yichang, Huangshi and Jingzhou. As of October 10, 4071 people in Hubei had completed enhanced immunization. For example, Wuhan has given priority to strengthening immunization to high-risk personnel in key areas such as Jinyintan hospital and airport. At present, it has basically achieved full coverage</ P>

Guangxi officially launched COVID-19 vaccination in October 9th and implemented a free vaccination policy for residents, who have been vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine for more than 6 months. People who are over 18 years old can be vaccinated. p>

in Fujian, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Jinjiang and other places, new crown vaccines have been launched to strengthen immunization. Xiamen Municipal Health Commission proposed that from October 10, Xiamen will start to strengthen immunization for people over 12 years old who have completed two doses of inactivated vaccine or one dose of adenovirus vector vaccine for six months

it is worth noting that, according to the news released by Heilongjiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention on the 10th, the health code of the people who have completed the enhanced needle vaccination of the new crown vaccine will be upgraded from “Gold code” to “Diamond code” as the follow-up enhanced needle inspection certificate

More than 10 provinces have started to receive booster injections of Xinguan vaccine. How many injections have you received?

which groups can receive booster injections

at the press conference held by the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council in September this year, Wang Huaqing, chief expert of immunization planning of China CDC, mentioned that it was suggested to strengthen vaccination for three categories of key populations

including ports, isolation places, employees of designated medical institutions and people with high risk of exposure to virus; People with immune deficiency or low immune function, some people over the age of 60 and personnel studying and working abroad, especially those in countries where the epidemic continues to spread

however, there are different regulations on the minimum age limit of the vaccinated population and whether to give priority to the key population

in terms of age limit, most regions stipulate that the vaccination objects of this booster injection are mainly people over 18 years old who have completed vaccination for 6 months

however, in some areas such as Wuhu, Anhui and Xiamen, Fujian, inactivated vaccines over the age of 12 have also been opened to strengthen needle vaccination

in terms of vaccine selection, at present, most places are aimed at people who have completed two doses of inactivated vaccine or one dose of adenovirus vector vaccine for 6 months. In addition, most regions explained that priority should be given to strengthening needle vaccination for key populations at this stage, but some regions did not limit the vaccination object to key populations

specifically, Hubei, Guangxi, Fujian and other places have clearly given priority to vaccination of key populations, while some areas such as Shandong Jinan, Anhui Hefei and Heilongjiang Suihua have not clearly defined the restrictions on key populations

<img src=’http://i2.chinanews.com.cn/simg/cmshd/2021/10/12/2efb922f6c90495eb53e283fb24f5731.jpgThe novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine is still in the development stage. The />

is not forgotten

. The new global crown pneumonia epidemic continues to develop. COVID-19 is accelerating the spread of mutation. The risk of the epidemic is still high. In the face of the persistent pressure of COVID-19’s prevention and control, vaccines undoubtedly play a key role. Strengthening immunization is of great significance for protecting vulnerable populations and effectively controlling the spread of the epidemic. p>

at the previous press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, Wang Huaqing introduced that the antibody produced by strengthening immunization has stronger persistence. After half a year of intensive immunization, although the antibody level also decreased, it was still higher than the peak after two or one dose of vaccination. All these suggest that strengthening immunization will have a better protective effect

in addition, relevant studies have shown that strengthening immunity can increase the antibody, and the antibody spectrum is wider, which means that it will have a better protective effect on the mutant strain

Wang Huaqing reminded that in terms of vaccine selection, the current suggestion given by experts is to use the vaccine produced by the original vaccination enterprise. If the same enterprise cannot meet the supply, it should also choose the vaccine of the same technical route for vaccination. In other words, “mixed playing” is not recommended for strengthening needles at present

it is worth mentioning that, as a measure of epidemic prevention in autumn and winter, influenza vaccination is also carried out everywhere. So, can influenza vaccine and new crown vaccine be vaccinated at the same time? According to the recommendation of COVID-19 vaccine technology guide (First Edition) released this year, vaccination with other vaccines is not recommended at the same time. The interval between other vaccines and COVID-19 vaccines should be more than 14 days. (end)