Mortal song | his name is Li Bai, more “one” than Li Bai

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Mortal song | his name is Li Bai, more “one” than Li Bai

“if I can do it again, I will choose Li Bai, at least I can write poems to surge…” singer Li Ronghao’s Li Bai was once sung for a while, but unexpectedly, someone really turned the song into a reality

this person is Li Bai (formerly known as Li Hongbin) and a die hard fan of “Shixian” Li Bai. In order to pursue Li Bai, at the age of 46, Li Bai abandoned business from Wen, left his hometown Heilongjiang and traveled thousands of miles to Jiangyou, Sichuan, where he lived for 15 years. Today, the 61 year old “Star chaser” has become a locally famous “grassroots poet”

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Li baichangnian wrote poetry in a poetry Pavilion of several square meters. Photo by Lv Jie

counter attack from “writing poetry Xiaobai” to “grass-roots poet”

in 2004, Li Bai watched teacher Kang Zhen talk about Li Bai in the program of “100 forum”, and was immediately fascinated by Li Bai’s poems. “I asked myself, I also like poetry. How come there are so many poems I haven’t heard of? Then I bought books while watching the program” Baijia forum “. Li Bai said that first I digested while learning, and then I had the desire to create and began to write some Tibetan poems

later, Li Bai took his poems to his daughter’s high school and asked the Chinese teacher for advice. Unexpectedly, the teacher laughed and gave him a copy of ancient Chinese (Volume II) to go back and ponder for himself

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Li Bai explained poetry to primary school students. Photo by Lv Jie

although people around him don’t value him, Li Bai also claims to be “no talent”, he always believes that diligence can make up for weakness. Two years later, Li Bai wrote the elegy of Meng Jiangnu looking for her husband in December, which sold well in the area of mengjiangnu Temple scenic spot at Shanhaiguan. Some tourists even admitted that “in order to buy this poem, Li Bai bought the whole poetry collection”. Seeing that his works are loved by so many people, Li Bai’s confidence soared, which strengthened the road of poetry creation. “You’ll shine only when you’re ugly, so don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself on the way to study.”

at that time, a person who loved writing poetry asked Li Bai: “I’ve written poetry for so many years, but I’m not as good as you, who only wrote it for two years. Why have you made such rapid progress?” “There is no shortcut to learning. I just learn what I do and make up for what I lack! Usually, I should have less entertainment, more rest, less distraction and more enrichment of the mainstream. Learning should be a big river, not a few streams.” Li Bai said that after formally learning to write poetry, he stopped all recreational activities and spent all his time reading and writing poetry, which has also become the “mainstream” of Li Bai’s life.

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Li Bai wrote poems in the name of primary school students. Photo by Lv Jie

“As long as you want to learn, it’s never too late to start. I used to think it was a lie, but now I believe it.” Li Bai said that he didn’t officially contact poetry until he was 44. After 17 years of persistence, he rebelled from a “little white poet” to a little famous “grass-roots poet” In addition, apart from writing poems, Li Bai’s current erhu playing, flute playing and calligraphy are all unambiguous.

he is keen on poetry creation, both pursuing dreams and making a living

in October 2006, Li Bai quit his job in Heilongjiang and came to Li Bai’s former residence in Jiangyou, Sichuan Province alone to pursue Li Bai’s footprints and promote Li Bai’s culture. With the help of the local government, he built a pavilion of 4.3 square meters , named “Li Bai’s poetry Pavilion”. In this small pavilion, Li Bai began to “show his grand plans”. He showed the written poems to passing tourists, asked them to point out the shortcomings, and then revised and improved them. Continuous polishing has rapidly improved Li Bai’s poetic attainments. From the previous stumbling to the present writing and poetry, Li Bai is realizing his dream step by step “Writing poetry and dreams.”

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Li Bai shows his impromptu Tibetan poems. Lu Jie photographed

“the river blows the green ridge, Li taofang, the oil beats the lotus and white chases the waves.” this is Li Bai’s most proud “Tibetan poems”, which includes “Jiang You”, “green lotus” and “Li Bai” , it not only shows that Li Bai’s hometown is in Qinglian town, Jiangyou City, but also seems to freeze people in the infinite beauty of spring.

for Li Bailai, Jiangyou is not only the former residence of “Idol”, but also the source of his poetry creation. “Vow to bury bones in the road of poetry and starve to death.” Li Bai firmly said that he came all the way from Heilongjiang to Jiangyou, Sichuan. He has been with poetry for 15 years and has never thought of leaving.

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tourists stop in front of the poetry pavilion to watch Li Bai write poems. Lu Jie photographed

in Jiangyou, Li Bai wrote countless poems, mainly to promote Li Baiwen Of course, while pursuing his dreams, he also has to make a living. Gradually, writing poetry has become not only Li Bai’s hobby, but also his source of income During the interview with Li Bai, a young couple visited Li Bai’s former residence in Jiangyou from Mianyang and stopped by Li Bai’s poetry pavilion to watch a couplet and several poems on the pavilion. Seeing the printing paper of “famous poems” pasted on the outer wall of the pavilion, the couple asked curiously, “can you really write poems with names?” “of course!” Standing in the poetry Pavilion, Li Bai took out a small book and asked the female guest in front of him to write down his name. “Luo Li”, after reading it, Li Bai thought a little, and wrote a hidden poem on the scroll “Luo Yuan Xiang MI, the world is drunk, Li Mei is in full bloom, Kyushu red”. The female guest Luo Li was very satisfied, “I’m outgoing. It’s just right to describe me with plum blossoms in full bloom and popular all over Kyushu instead of quiet!”

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Li Bai showed the works of Tibetan poems to tourists. Lu Jie photographed

not only “looking up at the stars”, but also donated to build a “mother’s water cellar”

everyone has an ab side. If the poet is Li Bai’s a side, then his “lifelong volunteer for the construction of mother’s water cellar” is his B side. He often says that as a poet, it’s useless to have the feelings of worrying about the country and the people. He must also have the responsibility and responsibility to the society. Since 2011, Li Bai has remitted money to the China Women’s development foundation every month for donation and construction “Mother’s water cellar”.

“mother’s water cellar” is a centralized water supply project. It is a charity project implemented by China Women’s development foundation in 2001. It focuses on helping people in the western region, especially women, get rid of poverty and backwardness caused by serious water shortage. Water cellar refers to the tank (cylinder, bottle, etc.) built underground to store rainwater Container.

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Li Bai donated the certificate of “mother’s water cellar”. Photo by Lv Jie

“At that time, I heard the news on the radio that 1000 yuan could donate to build a’mother’s water cellar’. I thought this was what I could do to help others. That month, I remitted 2000 yuan to China Women’s development foundation to donate to build two’mother’s water cellars’.” Li Bai said that when he left his hometown in Heilongjiang and traveled to Jiangyou, Sichuan from Beijing, Hebei, Hainan, Jiangsu and other places, he was helped by many people. In the third year of his stay in Jiangyou, he encountered the “5.12” Wenchuan earthquake. He witnessed with his own eyes what “one side is in trouble and all sides support”, and deeply felt that “one mind, one mind, one city” After that, Li Bai decided to do something for people in trouble within his ability until he decided to donate to build a “mother’s water cellar”. Since then, Li Bai has remitted money to the China Women’s development foundation every month. “This year is the 10th year I donated to build a” mother’s water cellar “. So far, nearly 200 have been donated.”

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remittance receipt and certificate of Li Bai’s donation to build “mother’s water cellar”. Photo by Lv Jie

in fact, Li Bai’s income is not much and is still very unstable. He makes a living by selling poetry, calligraphy and painting. When his business is good, he can donate three or four “mother’s water cellars” a month In the off-season, Li Bai not only has a tight life, but also has to squeeze to save 1000 yuan and donate it to the China Women’s development foundation at the end of the month.

“donate half a glass of water to help fill the cellar spring.” although he has lived in poverty, Li Bai never regretted that he did not ask for difficulty, value or value. Since he chose to donate to build a “mother’s water cellar” , will firmly follow this road