NASA is one step closer to the first launch of Artemis I

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at present, NASA is working to fix the spacecraft on the rocket. NASA did not say when the Orion capsule would be fully integrated with the SLS rocket. However, we know that the launch of SLS will not be completed this year

NASA director Bob cabana previously said that the launch of SLS would not be possible until early next year. Cabana made the statement at the Maryland Space Business Roundtable at the end of September. At that event, they talked about the launch of SLS and said that although they hoped that Artemis I might be launched before the end of 2021, it was postponed. The next important milestone in the mission is the installation of the Orion spacecraft in the vehicle assembly building at the Kennedy Space Center. The previously planned connection is scheduled for October 13 (obviously missed). After the capsule is connected to the top of the rocket, it will be moved to launch site 39B for wet rehearsal

in that rehearsal, the rocket will be loaded with liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen propellants. During the rehearsal, the mission controller will start the launch countdown, but the countdown will stop before the engine ignites during the actual launch. After the test, SLS and Orion will be sent back to the assembly building to complete any remaining work before the actual launch. The final date is estimated to be sometime next year

NASA is one step closer to the first launch of Artemis I