“National treasure · exhibition season” meets all your imagination of “large-scale original music programs”

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As we all know, the national treasure created by China Central Radio and television is not only a large-scale cultural and Expo exploration program, but also a “large-scale original music program” in the eyes of netizens

“National treasure · exhibition season” meets all your imagination of “large-scale original music programs”

since the three seasons of the program, from elephant king’s line, Kyushu Tong, water dragon chant and array breaking music, to Huai GUI, immortal talent sigh, human music and silk painting soul … many original music together stirred up the grandeur and thousands of turns of 5000 years of civilization, refreshing and echoing

every Saturday night from October 23, the new seasonal variety “national treasure · exhibition season” will be launched on CCTV variety channel. It should be born from the special exhibition of national treasures, which is highly expected by the audience. Literary and artistic workers and lovers from all walks of life are widely invited to create literary and artistic performances for national treasures, create “literary and artistic exhibits” and settle in the special exhibition together, trying to present an unprecedented national treasure literary and artistic feast for the audience

the title of the first program is “18 years old”, which brings a vigorous and upward youthful atmosphere in the “national treasure universe”. Zhou Shen, a young singer, paid tribute to the six horses behind the six steeds of Zhaoling, the national treasure, and Li Shimin, the “Prince of Taiyuan from brown fur”; LV Siqing and a group of young musicians played Mr. Nie Er’s works again. A violin standing in the middle of the stage was like Mr. Nie Er’s incarnation, allowing the performance to complete a harmony across time and space

the mountains and rivers have left a trail of success, and our generation will come again. The amazing new “national treasure universe” once again opened a new cultural chapter of national treasures

create literary and artistic works for national treasures

“large original music programs” list Zhaoxian

since 2017, once the national treasure appeared, it has set off a cultural and Expo upsurge sweeping online and offline. Gather Kyushu artifacts and trace the roots of China. For three years, 81 national treasures and soul stirring stories of past and present lives have entered the hearts of countless audiences

guided by the State Administration of cultural relics and planned by China Central Radio and Television Corporation and the National Palace Museum for three years, the cultural relics special exhibition of national treasure, jointly with all cooperative museums, will soon appear in the Wenhua Hall of the National Palace Museum. This exhibition will present the national treasures from different times, regions and styles with a brand-new space-time structure and scene, and focus on the 5000 year civilization of China by creating a “grand gathering of cultural and Expo circles”

as the “housekeeper” of this special exhibition of cultural relics, Wang Yuegong, vice president of the National Palace Museum, said frankly that there is great pressure: “this project is from the national treasure.” Since the first season, what the audience and fans have been eagerly looking forward to is definitely not simply asking each museum to bring the cultural relics to the Forbidden City and put them there. The purpose of the exhibition should be commensurate with the atmosphere of the program, and more importantly, it should tell the overall characteristics of Chinese civilization from the perspective of national treasures. ”

at present, The special exhibition of cultural relics is progressing steadily. “National treasure exhibition season” was born because of the exhibition. Guests are invited to “expose and recruit talents” from 81 national treasures in the three seasons. Literary works are used to display national treasures. There are no restrictions on song, dance, music, poetry, song and Fu. At the same time, the program also uses the “Ai + VR naked eye 3D” shooting technology first used in the 2021 Spring Festival Gala, allowing actors to break through the traditional stage space presentation form and bring a new visual experience to the audience

in recent years, the “national tide” has become stronger and stronger, and programs related to traditional culture have become the highlight of major parties this year, and have been warmly welcomed by the majority of the audience, which is inseparable from the tireless “cultural cultivation” of the platform and programs. From the pioneering work of TV variety shows in the field of culture and Expo to the most successful work, “national treasure” leads in the height of intention, creative intensity, ideological concentration, artistic brightness, professional accuracy and communication heat. The launch of “national treasure · exhibition season” represents the determination of CCTV variety channel, as the “flagship channel of Chinese TV literature and art”, to constantly empower “literature and art” with “literature and art”

it is worth mentioning that after continuous exploration, national treasure has already split from a cultural program into many derived content forms such as “national treasure concert” and “national treasure · lotus root digging season”, and has carefully cultivated the core and extension of “national treasure” in the process of “going offline, going abroad and going to the whole region”. National treasure · exhibition season actively responds to the audience’s love and expectation for the original music of national treasure, strives to practice the innovative transformation and creative development of traditional culture, and opens up another unique subdivision content track in the joint growth of “national treasure universe”

reproduce the youth tour in 5000 years

what will you think of when you mention 18

four years ago, the first issue of the first season of “national treasure” opened with Wang Ximeng’s “a picture of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains”, setting sail in an amazing youth legend. Three years ago, at the launching ceremony of the second season of “national treasures”, the Palace Museum specially presented a calligraphy work “looks like a youth Tour”, hoping that the ancient and vibrant Chinese civilization “has traveled for 5000 years, but still returns as a youth”. Looking back at the programs in the past three seasons, the youth’s ideals and youthful blood have always surged in the gene of national treasure and turned into the flying self-confidence of “how young are we? 5000 years up and down” in the opening remarks

the first issue of “national treasures · exhibition season” takes “18-year-old youth” as the theme, approaches the three young people dressed and angry behind the three cultural relics, and accompanies the audience to feel the strong youth atmosphere in the “national treasure universe”

18-year-old Wang Ximeng loves painting, and with enthusiasm, he painted the volume of “thousands of miles of rivers and mountains” with “a sigh in a thousand years, a great dynasty”. Dancers from China Oriental performing arts group selected “painting” from the dance poetic drama “only this green”, which aesthetically deduces the painting paragraphs completed by Wang Ximeng at one go. On the stage, the group dancers “painted” the green landscape with their bodies. Zhang Han, the dancer who played Wang Ximeng, set off a green frenzy, painted and signed, and finally waved his hand to dissipate the seal, which means “this painting is painted with the people of heaven and earth. If you come and go, it’s enough to see green”

there is no name, only one volume. It has been green for thousands of years, and the mountains and rivers are boundless. President Wang Yuegong was particularly moved: “there are rumors that Ximeng died soon after painting this painting, but I think in this dance drama, the artists created the best ending for Ximeng.”

18-year-old Li Shimin set up an army against the Sui Dynasty, Jinglun Wangye, accompanied him by six horses with outstanding military achievements. After his long sleep in the world, the steed turned into “six steeds of Zhaoling”, permanently guarding the eternal Mingjun who helped the world and the people all his life. Young singer Zhou Shenyi changed his ethereal style in the past and integrated the dramatic singing into the song “Wei Feng Yin”, showing his heroism. The live stage is like dreaming back to the Tang Dynasty. The king’s domineering spirit of “Taiyuan childe, brown fur” comes to his face. The audience sometimes feel the strong and fierce war on the battlefield, and sometimes wander in the prosperity of Chang’an in the past

after a “walk” in Chang’an City, Zhou Shen’s most unforgettable is the lyrics of “six steeds bless Chang’an”. He said, “Chang’an” is also our longing for national prosperity and long-term stability. Six horses bless Chang’an, and Chang’an should also bless six horses. Cultural relics have accompanied and guarded us for so many years, and we should also cherish and inherit them

at the age of 18, Nie Er bought his first violin on the streets of Shanghai. Then, he played the strongest voice of the Chinese nation with his short and powerful life. In the program, violinist LV Siqing and a group of young musicians jointly performed Mr. Nie Er’s works “song girl under the iron hoof”, “Meiniang song”, “newspaper selling song” and graduation song. Mr. Nie Er’s original “dock worker song” more than 80 years ago was also heard at the scene. The Volunteer March at the end of the performance raised the audience’s sense of awe to the highest point

“commentator No. 001” Zhang Guoli said that Nie Er’s violin was the cultural relic that moved him most since the third season of national treasure. Nie Er, who was born in the night and died in the night, was born a teenager and died a teenager, created the cry of the times with a second-hand violin priced at only 50 yuan, and aroused the confidence and courage of the whole nation to save the nation from subjugation and survival

through the artistic presentation of these three national treasures, the audience is not only experiencing the “audio-visual feast” of national treasure culture, but also entering the fresh history from a new angle and seeing the burning characters and exciting times

compared with the narrative mode of national treasures divided by museums, national treasures exhibition season refines and sublimates the spiritual atmosphere behind national treasures through the secondary arrangement and combination of “theme”, making the national character more distinctive. In the first program, “five thousand years up and down, still in full bloom” and the pride of “young people have their own time to be strong”, the audience can’t help asking themselves: what’s your age of 18