Month: October 2021

The 10th International Symposium on literary ethical criticism was held

Beijing, October 16 (reporter Ma Haiyan) the 10th International Symposium on Literary Ethics Criticism opened at Beijing University of science and technology on October 16. Nearly 500 experts and scholars from more than 100 universities in the world gathered to discuss the major ethical problems faced in the era of artificial intelligence, so as to provide new ideas and methods for the construction of literary ethical criticism theory in the new era.


2021 China dragon boat race ends Hong Kong wins

Beijing, October 16, Zigui, Hubei (Li Caiyun, Nie Shuang) the 2021 China dragon boat competition and the “Olympic dragon boat” promotion competition closed on October 16. Hong Kong Yueliang dragon boat team won the first place in the total score of the event.


Exploring the mystery of the brain “Hi Fang pie” staged an immersive “hold back laughter” challenge

After completing some “textual research on time words”, the subject of this issue of hi Fang Pai of Zhejiang satellite TV will return to itself and focus on the human brain. What are the functions of different regions such as cerebellum, temporal lobe, diencephalon and amygdala, and how are they used in life? When the subjective will is contrary to the brain instinct, is it the human consciousness that controls the brain, or the brain’s instinctive response that controls our actions? At 20:20 this Saturday, Wang Jiaer, Ren Jialun, Chen Feiyu, Wei daxun and the flying guest white deer will “compete” with their brains.