Month: October 2021

The number of new cases in Britain in a single day is approaching 50000, the highest since July

Beijing, October (Xinhua) 19 comprehensive report, the British COVID-19 continues to heat up, in October 18th, new confirmed cases close to 50 thousand cases, a three month high. In addition, in the past six weeks, more than 800 people died each week in Britain, higher than other major Western European countries. Experts worry that this round of epidemic may be related to the “delta +” variant virus.


Fight back! In response to NATO, Russia will suspend the work of Russia in NATO and NATO institutions in Russia

Beijing, October 19 (Xinhua) – in response to NATO’s initiatives, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said on the 18th that Moscow would suspend the work of the Russian permanent mission to NATO from November 1. At the beginning of this month, NATO revoked the resident qualification of eight members of the Russian permanent mission to NATO and reduced the number of Russian mission personnel again.


The election of Japan’s house of representatives officially opened a new crown, and countermeasures and economy became the focus

Beijing, Oct. 19 (Xinhua) – according to comprehensive Japanese media reports, the election of Japan’s house of Representatives issued a notice on the 19th, began to vote on the 31st, and the election for 12 consecutive days officially began. On the 18 day covid-19 leaders of Japan began to fight against the new crown epidemic strategy, the economy and the distribution policy.