Recently, Deputy Prime Minister: Hokkaido rice is delicious thanks to climate warming

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Beijing, October 25 (Xinhua) according to Japan’s daily news, Taro Aso, former deputy prime minister and vice president of the Liberal Democratic Party, said on the 25th that “the reason why Hokkaido rice is delicious is the blessing of climate warming”, causing controversy

Recently, Deputy Prime Minister: Hokkaido rice is delicious thanks to climate warming

it is reported that Taro Aso was canvassing for the house of Representatives election in Hokkaido. When referring to the production of rice in Hokkaido, he said that Hokkaido rice was not popular in the past, but now it has become very delicious

as for the reason why Hokkaido rice becomes delicious, Aso said, “it is not the blessing of farmers, but the rise of temperature”

Ma Sheng further pointed out that “although climate warming is described as only bad, it is also good.”

the report said that this statement immediately aroused controversy. Some Japanese netizens directly pointed out that “(ASO) is worthy of being the king of gaffes. When all countries in the world are dealing with environmental problems, what do they want to make a statement affirming climate warming?” and some netizens said they could not accept Aso’s attitude of ignoring the hard work of farmers

Taro Aso, known as “big mouth ASO”, has not made a controversial statement for the first time

in November 2008, Aso thought that the elderly often go to see a doctor, resulting in high medical expenses, saying: “why should I pay medical expenses for those who only eat and drink but don’t exercise?” in May 2009, Aso said that “having two children is the minimum obligation of couples”, and then withdrew it; In August 2017, Aso claimed that Hitler, the Nazi leader who slaughtered millions of people, had “the right motive”, which aroused criticism from many parties