“Red years” opens up new ideas for industrial dramas

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Beijing, October 21 (reporter Ma Haiyan) the industrial TV series “red years”, which tells about the dedication of the third line builders, was popular during the national day, setting off a wave of memories of the old third line. A seminar on the play, sponsored by the China Television Arts Commission and the Propaganda Department of the Sichuan provincial Party committee of the Communist Party of China, was held in Beijing on the 20th. How to make today’s young people understand the dedication of their parents has attracted attention from all parties

“eight years ago, a TV play produced in Sichuan was called” heroes out of Sichuan “and” red years “can be called” heroes into Sichuan “. Zhao Tong, deputy director of the TV Art Center of the China Federation of literary and art circles, said that” heroes out of Sichuan “tells that the children of the Sichuan army went to the Anti Japanese front line in various parts of the motherland to fight for the independence of the Chinese nation The heroic sons and daughters from all over the motherland shed blood and sweat for the construction of the third front and devoted their lives to the industrial construction of new China

“Red years” opens up new ideas for industrial dramas

Wang Wenjie, director of the TV series “red years”. Ge Fei, screenwriter of the play, said that the third line construction is a milestone in China’s industrial history. He was deeply shocked by the dedication of thousands of railway soldiers to Chinese industry. As an old third informant, he established a principle for himself in his creation – to pay tribute to the third tier martyrs and sincerely write about the work and dedication of those builders in that era and environment

SHEN Jijun, deputy director of the film and television drama documentary center of China Central Radio and television, said that the third line spirit is embodied in ordinary and vivid builders. Their sincere heart of selfless dedication to the construction of the motherland and the salaries of generations of builders have been passed down from generation to generation, which has also deeply touched contemporary young people

Xu Hailong, associate professor of the Department of cultural industry, School of Arts, Capital Normal University, said that the play handled the problem of combining the “shell” of industrial theme with the “core” of human relations, and tried to set the causes of all kinds of family affection, friendship and love as the relevant factors of third-line construction. The pay, give up and reconciliation in character communication are all for “the success or failure of the iron and steel industry” This overall situation was born, and the feelings of family and country, the mind of the world and personal feelings had resonance and tension

Li yuesen, director of the editorial department of China Television Arts Committee, believes that the success of the play first lies in finding a unique perspective for junior life and portraying a group of flesh and blood intellectuals. Describing the third line construction through the growth path of intellectuals not only wrote the passion and dedication of that specific era, but also their adherence to truth and love

“there is a line in this play called’youth can go, but time is not old’, which is actually the topic of this play.” Wang Wenjie, the general director, said, “I think the spirit of the people in the play will have some impact on people now.” (end)