Reducing poverty, strengthening education and protecting the environment Chinese youth explain the “small Annotation” of safeguarding world “great peace”

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Beijing, Nanjing, October 26 (reporter Zhu Xiaoying) peace and development are two major themes in today’s world. What can youth do to promote world peace? On the 26th, at the 2021 Nanjing Peace Forum held in Nanjing, a number of Chinese youth took their own micro responsibility and global practice as examples to explain the “small notes” of maintaining world “great peace” from the dimensions of poverty reduction, strengthening education, protecting ecology and developing science and technology

“whose youth is not confused?” Yin Binbin, a Chinese student, said that he had dreamed of entering an investment bank and becoming a financial elite on Wall Street, but by chance, he met African volunteers, then devoted himself to African public welfare undertakings, and finally took poverty reduction as one of his life goals

Reducing poverty, strengthening education and protecting the environment Chinese youth explain the “small Annotation” of safeguarding world “great peace”

Xiang Chenzai’s speech. Photographed by Shen ran

Yin Binbin first came to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. In masare, a slum here, 600000 residents live in a 3 square kilometer land. It is common for 7 to 8 people to live in a 10 square meter house on the street

Yin Binbin went to a local school. What he saw and heard here shocked him: before arriving at school, he saw children picking up food in the sewer nearby; After arriving at the school, I found that the school built of iron covers an area of only 180 square meters, but it accommodates as many as 280 students

“later, I taught the children. There was no blackboard eraser in the classroom. After class, a little girl would take the initiative to wipe the blackboard handwriting with her ragged sleeves. Because there was no exhaust system, when the school staff cooked on site, the oil smoke’influenced the whole classroom, and the children and my eyes were full of tears,” he recalled

deeply touched, Yin Binbin is determined to do something. After thinking and planning, he and other volunteers launched the dream making program in the slums. Their efforts have accumulated over time. At present, they have provided food to more than 10000 children in six African countries; Many schools have been built, and hundreds of young Chinese are invited to Africa every year to become international volunteers for cultural exchanges; Build toilets for children in slums, dispose of garbage and improve their living environment

“lack of funds, brain drain, incomprehension of relatives, misunderstanding of peers, public doubt… It is not easy to do public welfare. The team has faced fragmentation, and even I have had the idea of giving up.” Yin Binbin said that mountains and rivers are different, wind and moon are the same day. I believe I can bring changes to the peace and development of the world, even if only a little

Kong Zhe, a young Chinese, founded change magazine. With the help of social media and short videos, he used the power of communication to pry international institutions committed to social innovation and business for the good, so as to exert the multiplier effect of promoting the cause of peace

he and his friends took root in three countries and photographed the sea at 4 a.m., “rice fields where sweat drops under the grass”, grass-roots communities with all kinds of stories, etc; Make short videos for WWF incubators to introduce storage products made of renewable materials and advocate people to reduce the use of plastic products; Prepare the documentary forest guard to show the actions of ordinary people in different countries and regions to promote sustainable development; Launch a special climate website and build a platform for climate issues

Reducing poverty, strengthening education and protecting the environment Chinese youth explain the “small Annotation” of safeguarding world “great peace”(1)

“our communication involves a wide range of fields, and building peace requires multi-party participation. The role of governments and international organizations is important, but the strength of ordinary people is also key.” in Kong Zhe’s view, if the voice of tens of thousands of ordinary people can be heard, the efforts to build peace will surely bear fruit

contributing to environmental protection is the choice of Xiang Chen and Gong yunmu, students of Fudan University in China. They submitted the “future energy in Central Asia” project to the first Paris Peace Forum. At that time, 860 projects from 116 countries and regions submitted applications for participation, and 121 projects were shortlisted. The “Central Asia future energy” project submitted by Fudan University team was the only project selected by universities in Asia

Xiang Chen said that the world pays great attention to clean energy, green technology, environment and climate change issues, so their team starts with the efficient and rational use of solar energy, a clean energy, and puts forward five energy utilization methods, hoping to contribute the wisdom of Chinese youth to the solution of green energy in the world

“at the Paris Peace Forum, I met some students studying in Paris to share the role and importance of youth in global governance.” Gong yunmu said that since then, he has actively participated in youth global governance activities and participated in drafting our common agenda in the youth global innovative design competition (yicgg) hosted by Fudan University in 2021 This youth declaration sends out the youth voice of global governance to the world. (end)