Researchers found nearly 2000 unknown chemicals in e-cigarette liquids and aerosols

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Researchers found nearly 2000 unknown chemicals in e-cigarette liquids and aerosols

“existing studies have compared e-cigarettes with ordinary cigarettes and found that cigarette pollutants are much lower in e-cigarettes,” said Carsten Prasse, senior author of the study, “The problem is that the aerosol of e-cigarettes contains other chemicals that have no characteristics at all, which may have health risks that we don’t know yet. More and more young people are using these e-cigarettes, and they need to know what they are exposed to.”

this study is the first time to use liquid chromatography / high-resolution mass spectrometry to conduct a thorough non-target analysis of all potential compounds in e-cigarette liquid and aerosol. The researchers tested four popular tobacco flavor e-cigarette liquid, and also tested the aerosols produced by four common e-cigarette devices.

results the study found nearly 2 000 different compounds, most of which are unidentified. Among the chemicals that researchers can identify, six potentially harmful compounds have been detected. These include a pair of condiments related to respiratory irritation, three industrial chemicals, an insecticide, and perhaps the most unusual — caffeine.

M Ina Tehrani said that two of the four cigarette liquids contain caffeine. It is well known that flavors such as coffee or chocolate contain traces of caffeine, but they were surprised to find it in the cigarette liquid.

“this may be an undisclosed additional stimulus to smokers,” Tehrani said. “We want to know whether they intend to add it.”

another unexpected finding of this study is the discovery of similar condensed hydrocarbons in the sol of electronic smoke. These compounds are usually produced during combustion, but now they are found during smoking.

a recent similar study in Australia also found that each electronic smoke sample studied contains at least one potentially harmful chemical. Its It includes benzaldehyde, an airway irritant, anti cinnamaldehyde and an immunosuppressant. It is reported that a total of 65 electronic cigarette liquids were studied in this study. In addition, the study also found traces of nicotine in the six electronic cigarette liquids tested.

of course, these studies are not the first time to find potentially harmful chemicals in electronic cigarette liquids. But they are important It is important to note that the purpose of these studies is to look for traces of any chemicals. They are not investigating whether these chemicals directly cause harm when inhaled, or whether they exist in large enough quantities to assume that they cause harm first.

on the contrary, Prasse points out that this study confirms that we know very little about the chemicals used in e-cigarettes. Although His research did not compare the harm caused by e-cigarettes and smoking, but Prasse stressed that e-cigarettes should not be considered as a “healthy” alternative to traditional smoking.

“People just need to know that when they smoke, they inhale a very complex mixture of chemicals. For many of these compounds, we don’t know what they are. I have reservations about the promotion of e-cigarettes as a healthier practice than smoking. In my opinion, we haven’t really said that yet,” he said