Stravinsky’s Opera made its debut at the Beijing International Music Festival

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Beijing, October 13 (reporter Ying Ni) Stravinsky’s half stage opera “the course of the prodigal son” premiered in Beijing on the evening of the 12th. This appearance is not only the premiere of the play in China and even East Asia, but also the first performance of Stravinsky’s opera at the Beijing International Music Festival

this year coincides with the 50th anniversary of Stravinsky’s death. The Beijing International Music Festival launched three commemorative performances and staged Stravinsky’s four works. This performance moved his last neoclassical opera and the landmark opera in his artistic career to the Chinese stage, using music, performance It is worth mentioning that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the premiere of the opera

Stravinsky’s Opera made its debut at the Beijing International Music Festival

stills of the performance of the prodigal son’s journey provided by the Beijing International Music Festival

the performance on the evening of the 12th was performed by conductor Zhang Jiemin with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and the choir of the Shanghai Conservatory of music, and presented jointly with a group of powerful young singers such as Xia Hou Jinxu, Zhou Zhengzhong and Li Jingjing

under the command of Zhang Jiemin, the performers of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra finely show the “neoclassical” meaning in Stravinsky’s work, and the coexistence of complex harmonic texture and beautiful melody is quite wonderful. The performance of the choir of Shanghai Conservatory of music is also wonderful, and a large number of complex chorus paragraphs in the play have been perfectly interpreted. Especially in the production of the semi stage version, the chorus plays a vital role in the series promotion of the plot and the enrichment of the performance content of the stage through the switching between different roles

Zou Shuang, director of the opera the prodigal son’s journey and art director of the Beijing International Music Festival, said, “due to the different theater environment, we have made some changes for the return of sound. The lighting design changes with the psychological changes of the characters. The interweaving of light and shadow and the fluctuation of tone lead to the flow of the plot.”

Stravinsky’s Opera made its debut at the Beijing International Music Festival(1)

conductor Zhang Jiemin leads the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, the Shanghai Conservatory of Music Choir and the Beijing International Music Festival

just as the line before the end of the play “the devil will not do nothing for idle lazy people”, Stravinsky said through the mouth of all actors that life is full of “temptation”, and a little laziness and pleasure will be punished “The devil” is destroyed. The plot full of positive energy is sobering, which makes the opera not only have strong artistry, but also give it lasting educational significance.

music critics say that after Alectra and midsummer night’s dream After that, the Beijing International Music Festival once again brought the minority treasures in the opera treasure house to the Chinese audience. It is of great significance to bring the more rare works of modern times onto the stage. (end)