Sunscreen will be ineffective and toxic after 2 hours? New research findings or risks

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It is understood that zinc oxide is a common component in sunscreen. Researchers used zebrafish as a model organism in toxicity analysis experiments. This fish has significant similarities with humans at the molecular, genetic and cellular levels. The experimental results show that the sunscreen without zinc oxide will not have a significant impact on zebrafish, and the sunscreen with zinc oxide will cause significant injury to zebrafish used to test toxicity, which indicates that the entry of sunscreen into aquatic ecosystem will be harmful to the environment

Sunscreen will be ineffective and toxic after 2 hours? New research findings or risks

sunscreen is a popular consumer product, which helps to reduce ultraviolet radiation and reduce the probability of skin cancer. According to market data firm statista, by the end of this decade, the value of the global sunscreen market will exceed $24 billion. However, the public’s perception of the safety of sunscreen often leads manufacturers to use a large number of certain ingredients while limiting other ingredients. For example, sunscreens containing oxybenzophenone have actually been discontinued because of concerns about its damage to coral reefs. At the same time, sunscreen containing inorganic compounds such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide is becoming more and more popular as a substitute

researchers extracted five mixtures containing ultraviolet filter (the active ingredient in sunscreen) from different sunscreen products from the United States and Europe. They also made another mixture with the same ingredient and added zinc oxide with a lower amount recommended by the business as a control. Research shows that sunscreen can react quickly under ultraviolet radiation, and sunscreen without zinc oxide can minimize photodegradation. However, after the addition of zinc oxide, its light stability and phototoxicity have changed greatly. This component will degrade the organic mixture and lead to the loss of UV protection of sunscreen by more than 80%