Taking the film as the medium, the world’s attention focuses on Shanxi from Pingyao film exhibition

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Beijing, October 13, Pingyao, Shanxi (reporter Hu Jian) with the opening of Zhang fuming, vice governor of Shanxi Province, Pingyao International Film Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “Pingyao film exhibition”) has entered its fifth year. Over the past five years, Pingyao film exhibition has become a bridge for mutual learning between eastern and Western cultures, and the world’s attention has focused on this land of Sanjin again and again

at the opening ceremony on the evening of the 12th, if it weren’t for a few minutes of video mixing, people might forget that excellent films such as the last emperor, Zhao’s orphan, 1942 and the love of the Yellow River were filmed in Shanxi. It is undeniable that the 5000 year history of Chinese civilization in Shanxi makes this land seem to be a natural studio

Taking the film as the medium, the world’s attention focuses on Shanxi from Pingyao film exhibition

the audience raises their mobile phone to shoot the filmmaker. The Organizing Committee of Pingyao International Film Exhibition provides

as a 2700 year old ancient city of Pingyao, it has attracted the attention of Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci, Chinese directors Feng Xiaogang, Jia Zhangke and other filmmakers for decades. Pingyao film exhibition, which has been held for five consecutive sessions, once again let the world see China and Shanxi

as Qian Jin, Vice Minister of the Publicity Department of Shanxi provincial Party committee, said, promoting international cultural exchanges is an important mission and value embodiment of Pingyao International Film Exhibition. It is hoped that this film exhibition will show a real, three-dimensional and comprehensive China and Shanxi in the exchange and mutual learning

previously, in order to make Chinese films in line with international standards, the 2019 Pingyao Film Festival held screening activities in Paris, France. In addition to the Chinese films that won the award at the Pingyao Film Festival, the film “Zhou Jun’s walk” made in Shanxi was also highly praised in Paris

Taking the film as the medium, the world’s attention focuses on Shanxi from Pingyao film exhibition(1)

the fifth Pingyao International Film Exhibition opened at Pingyao film palace in the ancient city of Pingyao on the evening of the 12th. The Organizing Committee of Pingyao International Film Exhibition provides

with the upgrading of this film exhibition to a provincial film exhibition, Shanxi Institute of media and Shanxi Film Academy, as the organizers, try to make Pingyao film exhibition more hatching, and gradually realize the integrated development pattern of “industry, University, research, innovation and Exhibition” for the newly established Shanxi Film Academy

French contemporary artist Anna, as the judge of “Roberto Rossini honor” in this film exhibition, described “watching movies all over the world” in Pingyao film exhibition as “traveling” in Pingyao. Ning Ying, director and screenwriter, has many years of experience in transnational film and television participation. She believes that an international platform such as Pingyao International Film Exhibition is very needed. She hopes to continuously explore its possibilities and provide a communication space for audiences at home and abroad

Tan Kaili, a French film and television consultant, mentioned that she has paid great attention to this unique creative space since she first came to Pingyao film exhibition in 2019. Here, the exchange of views and thought collision about the film are within reach

over the past four years, Pingyao Film Festival has attracted many filmmakers at home and abroad to share their film experience, including Korean director Li Cangdong, Philippine director RAF DAZ, Chinese directors Zhang Yimou, Xu Zheng, Diao Yinan and Tian Zhuangzhuang, as well as Chinese Hong Kong directors John Woo and Du Qifeng

Wu Junqing, Secretary of Jinzhong municipal Party committee of the Communist Party of China, said that Pingyao International Film Exhibition has become a cultural brand, a symbol of friendship, a platform for communication, a symbol of civilization and a representative of industrial transformation. (end)