Tengger joined the original animation image stage competition program “2060”

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Beijing, October 19 (Xinhua) Jiangsu Satellite TV’s domestic original animation image stage competition program “2060” will be broadcast at 21:20 on Friday night this week, and the gold medal producers and their v-life will usher in the initial stage display. Tengger, as the first flying guest, will interpret 2060 from different perspectives

Tengger joined the original animation image stage competition program “2060”

as the first generation of original musicians in China, Tengger has created many classics in his more than 30 years of music career, including the long artistic conception of heaven, the majestic grandeur of big man, the enthusiasm of Mongols and the hometown I love Although it is “after 60”, Tengger also has a young heart. He likes to try new things. His work style is changing more and more. He has become the representative of “broken circle” in the music world across many fields such as film and television soundtrack, rock and roll, R & B and so on. In Jiangsu Satellite TV, “extraordinary change” cover “invisible wings”, cover “the sun does not set”, cover “calories” and so on

not only that, Tengger also repeatedly broke the dimensional wall. He once sang the theme song for the domestic animation “eternal immortal dome”, sang the “love cycle” with Huaze coriander, and was the popular up Master of station B. From “tough guy on the grassland” to “changeable and cute uncle”, Tengger has become a source of happiness for many viewers

Tengger joined the original animation image stage competition program “2060”(1)

“we’ve seen Mr. Tengger’s performance in other programs. So we’d like to know what his different feelings will be when he goes on the virtual image program this time. Moreover, from the first recording, some of his views are really interesting.” Wang Xi, chief producer of 2060, said.

the follow-up program group will invite more flying guests to participate in the program recording, including professional singers, animation lovers and powerful actors. The program group hopes to bring more different perspectives to the stage presentation of v-life and the creation of producers, so as to stimulate their fresh creative inspiration. (end)