The 10th International Symposium on literary ethical criticism was held

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Beijing, October 16 (reporter Ma Haiyan) the 10th International Symposium on Literary Ethics Criticism opened at Beijing University of science and technology on October 16. Nearly 500 experts and scholars from more than 100 universities in the world gathered to discuss the major ethical problems faced in the era of artificial intelligence, so as to provide new ideas and methods for the construction of literary ethical criticism theory in the new era

under the background that various technologies have brought many ethical problems to the society, the participating scholars actively explore the ethical dilemma, discuss cutting-edge issues and build an ethical system. The seminar clarified the construction ideas of adhering to the ethical dimension in the development of science and technology and adhering to the ethical value in literary research, and pointed out the direction for the research of literary ethical criticism in the era of artificial intelligence

Yu Chengwen, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Beijing University of science and technology, pointed out that the conference focused on the study of Literary Ethics Criticism in the era of artificial intelligence. The exchange of ideas and full cooperation between Chinese and foreign experts will effectively promote the rapid development of the foreign language discipline of the University

The 10th International Symposium on literary ethical criticism was held

Chen Hongwei, Dean of School of foreign languages, Beijing University of science and technology, delivered a speech. Photographed by Wang Zhankui

Claude Rosen, academician of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, hoped that participants could make full use of the platform of the seminar to discuss and display the results

Nie Zhenzhao, a foreign academician of the European Academy of Sciences, expounded the theoretical discourse, methodological path and value significance of literary ethical criticism, and affirmed the contributions made by Chinese scholars to the construction of the theoretical system

Chen Hongwei, Dean of the school of foreign languages of Beijing University of science and technology, hopes that Chinese and foreign scholars will carry out more discussions on literary ethical criticism through this meeting, so as to make positive exploration for walking out of the ethical dilemma and myth of the new era

the meeting lasted two days, covering five keynote speeches and 25 component forum discussions, from Harvard University in the United States, Dongguo University in South Korea, Warwick University, York University, London University in the United Kingdom, Vienna University in Austria, Tartu University in Estonia, Hong Kong Baptist University, Zhejiang University, Wuhan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University More than 10 experts and scholars from Chinese universities such as Ningbo University gave special reports

in addition, the conference specially set up a “special sub forum for Professor Claude Rosen, President of the international society for literary ethical criticism”, and the participating scholars discussed Professor Rosen’s academic research, the way of learning and Its Enlightenment to their own scientific research. (end)