The 50th Anniversary Party of Guangdong opera performing artist Ni Huiying was staged in Guangzhou

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Beijing, Guangzhou, October 15 (reporter Cheng Jingwei) on the evening of the 15th, the launching ceremony of the new book “Ni Huiying’s artistic life” and “Ni Huiying’s artistic life” was held in Guangdong Art Theatre

the party was starred by Ni Huiying, a performing artist of Cantonese opera, who told fans about her dependence on Cantonese Opera and her artistic life of half a century. This is also Ni Huiying’s fourth special art session to commemorate the 20th, 30th and 40th anniversary of her career

Ni Huiying, known as “golden voice” and “Xiaoqu king”, is a Cantonese opera performing artist with both literature and martial arts on the contemporary Cantonese opera stage. In the early 1980s, she won the “best actress award of Guangdong opera Hundred Flowers Award” with a generation of Guangdong opera master, red thread girl

in the 1970s, Ni Huiying became famous with the Red Detachment of women. Then he began to star in ancient costume plays such as female general of Yangmen, daughter fragrance at the bottom of the sword and naoyan mansion. He also studied works such as biography of white snake, romance of the moon in the west chamber and beating God under the guidance of red thread female teachers

The 50th Anniversary Party of Guangdong opera performing artist Ni Huiying was staged in Guangzhou

the party tells about Ni Huiying’s dependence on Cantonese Opera and her artistic life of half a century. Photographed by Cheng Jingwei

after the boom in the 1970s and 1980s, Cantonese Opera entered a downturn under the impact of multiculturalism in the late 1980s. In the face of the declining Cantonese opera, Ni Huiying is not only determined to stick to it, but also actively explores the road of reform of Cantonese opera, creating and arranging innovative works such as Earth edge and Rui Wang and Princess Zhuang. In the 21st century, she also created “new urban Cantonese Opera”, and successively created and arranged “Flower Moon Shadow”, which is praised by experts as “representative work of Cantonese Opera in the transition period”, as well as “sanjiaxiang” and “rich family daughter”. From Huadan, Qingyi to daoma Dan, Ni Huiying is very handy in both ancient costume drama and modern drama. She sent her love to the Cantonese opera stage, successively vividly created a number of stage images suitable for elegance, vulgarity and different personalities, sang well in southern Guangdong, attracted opera fans at home and abroad, achieved fruitful artistic achievements, and formed a unique artistic style of freshness, beauty, euphemism and emotion

the party is based on Ni Huiying’s recollection. It is divided into five chapters: the cry of the first test, years of passion, determination to stick to, development and innovation, and spring and autumn fruits. She selects her representative plays at different artistic stages, including “guiding the way” in “Red Detachment of women”, “exploring the valley” in “women’s generals of Yangmen”, “sacrificial tower” in “Legend of white snake” and “King Rui and Princess Zhuang” “Chuang Ying” and “the shadow of the flower and the moon” are the “cute feelings”, which outline the brilliant course of her 50 years of artistic life. The party also interspersed with the performance of the scenes of her youth learning skills, such as changing her name and Kao Opera Troupe, showing “Guangdong rhyme”, and singing the theme song “heart melody”. At the party, Li Ziliu, the former mayor of Guangzhou, nearly 90 years old, appeared on the stage with Ni Huiying “Recalling the past”, the two sang the Cantonese Opera “sing a million lines”. Li Ziliu said: “I have known Comrade Ni Huiying for more than 30 years. She is loyal and persistent to the art of Cantonese opera. Her 50 years of art is worth remembering, and more importantly, I see the bitterness behind her. Comrade Ni Huiying has made great contributions to the popularization and inheritance of Cantonese opera.”

over the years, Ni Huiying has actively appealed to save the historical materials of Cantonese Opera and sort out the authoritative teaching materials of Cantonese opera performing arts. In 2017, with the support of Chen Jianhua, then director of the Standing Committee of Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress and former mayor of Guangzhou, the compilation project of the complete works of Cantonese opera performing arts, edited by Ni Huiying, was launched. At present, the “do and play volumes” and “sing and read volumes” have been published At the party, Chen Jianhua also stepped on the stage to tell the audience the significance of the complete works of performing arts of Cantonese Opera in the form of “Cultural Forum”.

the party also held “casting traces in the pear garden – Ni Huiying’s artistic life” At the opening ceremony of the new book, Ni Huiying presented books to many units, such as the Chinese Academy of art, the Chinese opera performance society, and the Guangzhou Museum of literature and history. The book recorded Ni Huiying’s 50 years of artistic experience and included many precious historical materials since her career, including 500 historical photos.

looking back on her 50 years of Cantonese Opera life, Ni Huiying said emotionally: “Cantonese Opera is the support of my life. My sense of mission and responsibility urge me to run and seek. Fifty years is only a short moment in the long river of human history, but it is the most precious time in my life. Cantonese opera has been integrated into my life and made my life more wonderful, valuable and meaningful. Thank all those who love me and support Cantonese Opera!” (end)