The annual comedy film “not coming soon” starring Fan Wei and Dou Xiao was released today

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On the 22nd, the annual God reversal comedy film “no hurry”, starring Fan Wei, Dou Xiao and Zhang Songwen, was released. The film had previously held advance screening activities. All kinds of funny passages and humorous funny points made the audience “laugh through the defense”, and the audience was highly praised after watching the film. There are also many impressive plots in the film. Lao Li (Fan Wei) and Ma Mingliang (Dou Xiao) have to slap themselves to get out of the film, which makes the two people who are already hanging the lottery even more embarrassed. When they torture you Dacheng (Liang Chao), the funny dialogue of “donkey’s lips are not horse’s mouth” also pokes the audience funny. There are many hilarious plots. We expect the audience to feel it in the cinema

it is understood that the film “guests without speed” tells the story of several guests who accidentally appear in the same room, perform good plays one after another without knowing each other’s identity, and finally uncover layers of truth. The film adopts a non-linear narrative structure, and adopts an incomplete narrative of a single clue of fracture, omission and flashback in the process. Each character has its own independent narrative perspective, so that the whole story gradually tends to be complete in the continuous cycle. The director and the behind the scenes team also deliberated over and over in the process of script creation and late shooting to ensure that the story logic is clear and the time is tight

in addition to the layers of reversal brought by the nonlinear narrative structure, the film plot is also full of suspense. Several homicides occurred overnight, but both the victim and the murderer died. The sudden mysterious huge amount of money is suspected to be the fuse of the murder. At the same time, all the visitors who appeared at the scene were also suspected. Under the self testimony and accusation again and again, their purpose of visiting here and their relationship with each other were gradually exposed, which continuously reversed the truth of the case and added a “sense of immersion” of tracing the conclusion to the audience in the process of watching the film. Previously, some viewers commented during the national screening: “There’s a feeling that you don’t know what the truth is before the last second.”

0b629ee590744fada13e34721d313518 - The annual comedy film "not coming soon" starring Fan Wei and Dou Xiao was released today

it is reported that the film “no hurry” Fan Wei, Dou Xiao and Zhang Songwen are three generations of powerful actors. Fan Wei, who has starred in numerous comedy works, once again created funny characters, adding a comic color to the film. Dou Xiao broke through the previous role types and played the bottom little people with decadent modeling. His highly contrasting performance before and after the film also surprised many audiences. The policeman played by Zhang Songwen brought a farewell Moved and mysterious, he staged a surprise reversal at the end of the film. In addition, he gathered Zhu Zhu, Liang Chao, Hu Ming, noble, Cai Lu and other actors loved and recognized by the audience to jointly perform this annual God reversal comedy film.

the film “no hurry” won the venture capital of the Beijing market project of the 10th Beijing International Film Festival “The most potential creative team award”, shortlisted for the “focus on the future” of 2021 Beijing International Film Festival Unit, 2021 Atlanta Film Festival, 2021 Xintian International Film Festival, the 29th Chichester International Film Festival and 2021 emerald Jaguar Film Festival have been widely recognized.

previously, the film opened national point screening before screening, with a cumulative point screening box office of more than 12 million, a cat eye platform point screening score of 9.0, and the first attendance in eight days, which has been widely loved and well received by the audience Comment. The film has been officially registered in the national cinema. We look forward to meeting more audiences in the cinema and bringing laughter and surprise to everyone