The astronauts of Shenzhou 13 manned mission made a collective appearance

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The astronauts of Shenzhou 13 manned mission made a collective appearance

Zhai Zhigang: 13 years after Shenzhou VII, Zhai Zhigang, an astronaut who is always ready to smell the order to go on a mission for the second time and serves as the commander for the first time, admitted that he is very happy to meet you here again. Zhai Zhigang once carried out the Shenzhou VII manned flight mission in 2008. As China’s first astronaut, whether he will go out again has become the focus of this mission

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Zhai Zhigang said that there are still extravehicular activities in this flight mission, and more than once. The extravehicular activities of Shenzhou VII mission are a technological breakthrough. In addition to the further verification of technology, the current extravehicular activities prefer the application of technology, and will carry out long-term extravehicular operations, This outbound activity is more complex, arduous and challenging. In addition to the extravehicular activities, it is also necessary to complete the hand-controlled remote operation docking of cargo spacecraft and space science experiments and technical experiments in various fields. The most challenging is the long-term space stay and weightless flight for up to six months, which is an unprecedented test for the physical and psychological quality, mental quality and reliability of instruments and equipment of astronauts

from the debut of Shenzhou V, to the flight of Shenzhou VII to the core module of the space station, Zhai Zhigang has always been ready to go on an expedition. “What changes is the mission content and flight time, and what will never change is the original mission and unlimited love for the motherland’s aerospace industry.” he also said: “the construction of the space station is the efforts of the whole project, and our space home will be better and better!”

Wang Yaping: in 8 years, teacher Yaping has succeeded in pursuing his dream again

“space teacher” Wang Yaping once gave space lessons to teenagers all over the country during the Shenzhou 10 mission in 2013. As an astronaut on the second mission, Wang Yaping said, “after eight years of unremitting efforts, teacher Yaping finally succeeded in pursuing her dream again and will fly into space with the dreams and expectations of her classmates!” before flying, she wanted to talk to her classmates most “The flying dream is never weightless, and the tension of the scientific dream is unlimited. You are the future of the motherland. As long as you dare to have a dream, dare to pursue a dream, and build your own dream spacecraft with wisdom and sweat, you will be able to usher in the launch time of your dream and fly to the vast starry sky that belongs to you!”

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Wang Yaping said that she can become the first female astronaut stationed on the space station and personally participate in the construction task of the space station. She is sincerely proud of being in this great era and great motherland. When asked about spending the Spring Festival on the space station, she and everyone The same is full of expectation: “the Shenzhou 13 astronaut team will keep the new year with you and send blessings from space to the motherland and everyone at the first time.”

Ye Guangfu: 11 years of hard work, looking forward to feeling the vastness of space from a new angle

the astronaut who made his debut is the youngest of the second batch of astronauts. For the first flight mission, he will stay for six months, he first felt very honored and proud, “this is indeed a test, but I am full of confidence in completing this mission.” This confidence comes from the continuous struggle of generations of astronauts, from the unity and cooperation of the flight crew, and from his 11 years of hard work.

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for this task, he said he looked forward to applying what he had learned and trained over the years to complete all tasks together with you At the same time, as the first Chinese astronaut to participate in international astronaut training, he said: “I look forward to one day traveling in space with international colleagues, and welcome them to China’s space station.”

I wish the mission a complete success!

I wish the astronauts a successful return!

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