The chang-2f rocket ignited and launched the Shenzhou 13 spacecraft

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The chang-2f rocket ignited and launched the Shenzhou 13 spacecraft

the flight crew is composed of astronauts Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and ye Guangfu, with Zhai Zhigang as the commander. Female astronaut Wang Yaping will be stationed on the Chinese space station for the first time and will become the first female astronaut in China to carry out extravehicular activities

Shenzhou 13 manned mission is the sixth and last mission in the key technology verification stage of the space station. Main purposes:

first, carry out key technology tests for space station assembly and construction, such as manipulator assisted cabin transposition and manual remote operation

the second is to carry out 2-3 outbound activities, install the double arm assembly adapter and suspension device of large and small manipulators, and prepare for the subsequent construction task of the space station

Third, further verify the health, life and work support technology of astronauts staying in orbit for 6 months

Fourth, carry out scientific and technological experiments and applications in the fields of aerospace medicine and microgravity physics, and carry out diversified popular science education activities

fifth, comprehensively assess the functional performance of each system of the project executing the space station task and the matching between systems