The fifth Pingyao International Film Exhibition held the venture capital plan for the shortlisted series of yin and Yang

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Beijing, October 13 (Xinhua) from October 12 to 19, the fifth Pingyao International Film Exhibition will be held in the ancient city of Pingyao, and its industrial sector will be held at the same time. The ancient costume fantasy detective drama project Yin Yang detective, directed and scripted by young director Jiang Lai, CO written by Jiang Lai, Lin Chudong and Tan Feiya, and produced by Zhang mengke and he yuan, was successfully shortlisted as “Pingyao venture capital · drama plan (PSP)”. The main creative team was invited to participate in a series of official activities of the film exhibition, make presentations to the industry, and conduct one-on-one negotiations with professional judges and industry people

The fifth Pingyao International Film Exhibition held the venture capital plan for the shortlisted series of yin and Yang

“it’s very interesting to create a fictional story with the most rigorous academic attitude. The more it deviates from the realistic theme, the more it needs to give the real background of the story with the dogged spirit, which is the creative concept we have always adhered to,” said director Jiang Lai, “We chose to take ancient China as the big background, first, because our team is controlled by history, and second, it can give us more creative space. In terms of type, we chose suspense reasoning, because few ancient costume suspense dramas of the same type can have such a complete fantasy world view, which is convenient for us to make differences.”

it is reported that, “Pingyao venture capital · drama plan” is a new unit in the industrial sector of Pingyao International Film Exhibition. It is aimed at drama projects with a total number of 3-12 episodes and potential to be broadcast on satellite TV or online streaming media platform. “Pingyao venture capital · drama plan” It provides a platform for industry communication, resource interaction and financing for cutting-edge creative forces. Although it is the first unit set up, it has attracted wide attention in the industry once it is published. The main creative team of Yin Yang exploration also delivered it at the first time of official release, and made its first public appearance as a project.

“Venture capital is a good opportunity and platform for young directors and teams to show their projects. In this process, they can obtain professional guidance from industry leaders and establish contact with interested partners. While helping the team find accurate positioning, they can also deepen the communication with more excellent creative teams. The team values this opportunity and hopes to get the guidance of professional review during the festival Guide and suggest, and discuss with companies and peers in the industry. “Said Zhang mengke, the producer of the project. Finally, Yin Yang detective was introduced from many excellent projects and had the opportunity to compete for the” honor of Pingyao drama “specially set up by the film exhibition.

the team also revealed that it was developing Yin Yang detective at the same time Series of films, and also creating a family love story based on the high concept of science fiction. I hope to have the opportunity to put the work on the big screen. (end)