The Ministry of foreign affairs answered questions on US UK Australia nuclear submarine cooperation and North Korea’s suspected launch of submarine launched missiles

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On October 19, 2021, foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin chaired a regular press conference

a4fc7b46990b486cbe4f5438a8dca77b - The Ministry of foreign affairs answered questions on US UK Australia nuclear submarine cooperation and North Korea's suspected launch of submarine launched missiles

reporter from Shenzhen satellite TV: it is reported that Malaysian Foreign Minister sefuding held a joint press conference after meeting with Indonesian Foreign Minister leitno, The two countries are deeply concerned about Australia’s development of nuclear submarines under the framework of the trilateral security partnership between the United States, Britain and Australia. What is China’s comment on this

Wang Wenbin: I have noticed relevant reports. The relevant statements of Malaysia and Indonesia reflect the general concerns of countries in the region. The trilateral security partnership between the United States, Britain and Australia and its nuclear submarine cooperation create nuclear proliferation risks, impact the international nuclear non-proliferation system, damage the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty, and undermine the efforts of ASEAN countries to establish a nuclear free zone in Southeast Asia. If we push forward forcibly, it is like opening Pandora’s box, which will not only bring huge security risks, but also mean a retrogression of history

the trilateral security partnership between the United States, Britain and Australia is the embodiment of the Cold War mentality, double standards and contempt for rules. Its political intention is very obvious, that is, to introduce major power confrontation and group politics into the region, provoke regional camp opposition and force regional countries to choose sides and stand in line; That is to use the outdated Cold War thinking to impact the regional cooperation framework centered on ASEAN and undermine regional prosperity and stability; That is to build a regional rule order centered on the United States and maintain the dominant position and hegemonic system of the United States; It is to challenge the international nuclear non-proliferation system based on the Treaty on the non proliferation of nuclear weapons and serve the geopolitical self-interest of the United States

China has always believed that the regional cooperation framework centered on ASEAN meets the traditional and practical needs of East Asia and effectively promotes peace and development in the region, which is worthy of cherishing and consolidating by all parties. Any wrong practice that attempts to overhead or weaken ASEAN’s central position, undermine the good momentum of regional dialogue and cooperation, create division and provoke confrontation will be vigilant and opposed by regional countries and the international community

Bloomberg: British Prime Minister Johnson said in an interview that although some members of Parliament expressed concern about Chinese investment, Britain did not want to refuse Chinese investment. Previously, the British government had welcomed Chinese companies to invest in non strategic areas in the UK. What is China’s comment on this

Wang Wenbin: Britain is a firm supporter and practitioner of free trade. China and the UK are important trade and investment partners of each other. It is in the interests of China and the UK to carry out practical cooperation based on the principles of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. We hope that the British side will create an open, fair and non discriminatory business environment for Chinese enterprises

Yonhap reporter: on the 19th, North Korea launched a suspected short-range submarine launched ballistic missile. What is China’s comment on this

Wang Wenbin: China has taken note of relevant information and the recent military trends of relevant parties to the Peninsula issue. At present, the situation on the peninsula is in a critical period. All parties concerned should focus on the overall situation, exercise restraint, strive to maintain peace and stability on the peninsula, adhere to the correct direction of dialogue and consultation, and jointly promote the process of political settlement of the Peninsula issue in accordance with the idea of “two tracks going hand in hand” and the principle of phased and simultaneous progress

reporter from Beijing Daily: it is reported that US Secretary of defense Austin recently said that China’s development of advanced military capabilities and weapon systems will only exacerbate regional tensions. The US disarmament ambassador also said that China and Russia are actively promoting the use and militarization of hypersonic technology, which will exacerbate the arms race. What is China’s comment on this

Wang Wenbin: China firmly opposes the US side’s constant exaggeration of the “China Threat Theory”. China has always been a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, a defender of the international order and a provider of public goods. China firmly pursues a defensive national defense policy, adheres to a self-defense nuclear strategy, always maintains its nuclear forces at the lowest level required by national security, and will not engage in a nuclear arms race with any country. China’s development of necessary military capabilities is entirely to safeguard its legitimate national security interests. The growth of China’s power is the growth of world peace. No country will be threatened by China’s national defense forces as long as it has no intention of threatening and damaging China’s sovereignty, security and territorial integrity

the United States not only has the world’s largest and most advanced nuclear arsenal, but also has invested trillions of dollars to upgrade its “Trinity” nuclear power. The US side’s advocacy of the “China Threat Theory” is just looking for an excuse to expand its military strength and seek absolute security advantage

as we all know, the United States withdrew from the ABM Treaty and the China missile defense treaty, continued to promote the deployment of global ABM systems, exclusively blocked the negotiation of the verification protocol of the biological weapons convention for a long time, resisted the negotiation process of arms control in outer space, transferred nuclear submarines to non nuclear weapon states and increased the risk of nuclear proliferation

as the only superpower, the United States has adhered to the Cold War mentality in recent years, strengthened military strength construction in an all-round way, continuously deepened military alliances, formed gangs and created small military groups, seriously undermining regional peace and security and global strategic stability. The US side’s claim that China is intensifying the arms race is purely a mischief and a diversion. The United States should stop hyping the “China Threat Theory”, stop talking about China, take a responsible attitude, reflect the due role of major powers, work with the international community to maintain international strategic balance and stability and achieve common security of all countries

Bloomberg: can you provide more information about the reusable spacecraft launched by China yesterday

Wang Wenbin: my colleague answered relevant questions yesterday. You can check them

CCTV reporter: it is reported that on October 17, the basketball playground of Daping middle school in Malipo County, Yunnan Province, aided by the Ministry of foreign affairs, China Public Diplomacy Association and NBA China, was officially opened. What changes has the Ministry of foreign affairs brought to Malipo County and Jinping County in Yunnan Province for 29 consecutive years

Wang Wenbin: on the 17th, “diplomatic assistance · dream building Yunnan: Malipo Daping middle school stadium donation ceremony” was held on the brand-new basketball court of Daping middle school. We are all happy to see the children playing on the new basketball court. This donation is an important measure of the Ministry of foreign affairs to help Malipo, which has effectively solved the problem of standardized construction of local sports teaching venues

since 1992, the Ministry of foreign affairs has carried out fixed-point assistance to Malipo and Jinping counties in Yunnan Province, and embarked on a characteristic assistance road based on food and clothing, education, health and training projects and focusing on attracting investment and poverty alleviation. Every year, we hold an international charity sale of “great love without borders”, promote the characteristic agricultural products of the two counties and help “consumption poverty alleviation”. After nearly 30 years of unremitting efforts and with the help of all sectors of society, including the Ministry of foreign affairs, the two counties have withdrawn from the sequence of poor counties in May 2020, achieved the goal of getting rid of poverty as scheduled, and embarked on a new starting point of creating a new life and opening a new struggle

over the years, diplomatic poverty alleviation has been strongly supported by friendly organizations and people at home and abroad. The story of Malipo and Jinping is not only the story of China’s poverty alleviation, but also the story of building a community with a shared future for mankind

looking forward to the future, China will continue to be a strong promoter of the world’s cause of poverty reduction and continue to make Chinese contributions to eradicating human poverty and realizing the UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development. The Ministry of foreign affairs will also continue to implement the concept of “diplomacy for the people” and make due contributions to consolidating and expanding the achievements in poverty alleviation and effectively connecting with rural revitalization

Bloomberg: the latest report of the Australian Institute of strategic policy disclosed China’s policy structure for governing Xinjiang. The report says the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region uses a large-scale data collection system to investigate millions of Uighurs. Will this authority be extended to other parts of China

Wang Wenbin: the so-called research institution you mentioned has long served the interests of the “financiers” behind it and concocted a large number of lies, rumors and false information related to China and Xinjiang. Its views and clues either come from American Anti China non-governmental organizations or use the so-called “eyewitness evidence” that can not be verified and traced, which lacks basic factual basis, It completely violates the due professional ethics of academic research and has long been discredited. The so-called report it concocted is pure slander and has no credibility

RIA Novosti: yesterday, the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of the Afghan interim government said that China and Afghanistan agreed to hold a meeting between the heads of the foreign ministries of the two countries. Can China confirm? Can you provide more information

Wang Wenbin: China maintains communication with relevant parties in Afghanistan. As for the specific issues you mentioned, I have no information to release at present

Global Times reporter: on October 18, the “generation Z” online exchange and dialogue between Chinese and American teenagers was held in Malipo County, Yunnan Province. Qin Gang, Chinese ambassador to the United States, Wu Hailong, President of the China Public Diplomacy Association, as well as relevant US dignitaries and representatives of Chinese and American youth attended. Can the speaker talk about your views on China US youth exchange activities

Wang Wenbin: yesterday, the “generation Z” online exchange and dialogue between Chinese and American teenagers hosted by the China Public Diplomacy Association was successfully held

people to people and cultural exchanges are the social foundation of China US relations, and youth exchanges and dialogue are an important part of China US people to people and cultural exchanges. China and the United States are two big countries with a combined population of more than 1.7 billion. How the two countries and their people get along is related to the future and destiny of mankind

the “Z generation” of China and the United States carries the mission of developing China US relations and represents the future of bilateral relations. We sincerely hope that Chinese and American teenagers can look at each other’s countries objectively and rationally with a broader vision and mind, a more open and inclusive attitude, enhance mutual understanding and trust in exchanges, work together to build a solid public opinion foundation for China US relations and contribute to a better future for the two countries and the world

Bloomberg: Ten Chinese and Russian warships crossed the Tsuyoshi strait between Honshu Island and Hokkaido island for the first time on Monday. What is the purpose of this voyage? Second, both the Taiwan Strait and the Jinqing Strait are legal international waters, and warships can sail. However, China has previously said that the nature of foreign warships sailing in the Taiwan Strait is bad. Does China think the two situations are different or similar

Wang Wenbin: for your first question, please ask the Ministry of national defense

on your second question, I can tell you who is showing off force, causing trouble and provocation, and who is engaged in military deterrence and undermining regional peace and stability under the guise of “freedom of navigation”</ P>

surging news novel coronavirus pneumonia is reported to be the 84 year old American Secretary of state Colin Powell who died in October 18th at the local time because of the new crown pneumonia complications. What is China’s comment on this

Wang Wenbin: former Secretary of State Powell is a senior diplomat in the United States. We express our deep condolences on his death and sincere condolences to his family

CCTV reporter from CCTV: in response to the US initiative to hold the “leading people’s summit”, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said a few days ago that the US side is bound to invite self identified democratic countries. In essence, it uses the Cold War mentality to divide the international community into enemy and self camps. What is China’s comment on this

Wang Wenbin: I have noticed relevant reports and think Foreign Minister Lavrov’s remarks are very reasonable

democracy is not a slogan. The halo of “democracy” should not be used to cover up self-confidence