The movie “the first incense burner” will display the local flavor wind marketing to beat the audience.

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The movie “the first incense burner” will display the local flavor wind marketing to beat the audience.

the film “the first incense” directed by famous director Xu Anhua is about to be released. Recently, the film has been overweight in various marketing. Interestingly, the “local flavor”, “love chicken soup”, “pain literary style” and other styles which are far from Eileen Chang’s style become the main marketing style of the movie “the first incense burner”. In the minds of many audiences, Xu Anhua acted as director and Wang Anyi as a screenwriter. They both worked together to adapt Eileen Chang’s works to movies and television. The content presented should be artistic style and even literary character. However, the film’s “sinking style” local flavor marketing has beaten many people. The official marketing of p>

movie “the first incense burner” never marketing writer Eileen Chang, basically did not mention the original works, nor did he sell the luxury behind the scenes team, but walked the solid marketing style of “local flavor” and “love chicken soup”, such as some administrative micro blog’s “matching”: “there are some simple feelings, always pure” “do everything, love one person”. “Love asks, but asks no answer”. The content of the movie’s crazy marketing content on the short video platform has also made many original fans unacceptable. For instance, Ge Weilong saw Qiao Qiao Qiao’s ogle with his servant girl. The copybook was: “he is dating someone else, he looks lucky, but he is not me who gives him happiness.” The image, together with words and a bitter song, made Ge Weilong a victim of love. In the marketing video, there are many copies of “love chicken soup”, such as “it’s not difficult not to contact, it’s just not to miss”, “this autumn, there are waves and breezes, but there is no you”, “love is painless and painful pain” These marketing copywriters are disdained by Zhang fans. They make complaints about the unwritten copywriting: they are not reading Eileen Chang, but they do not agree with Xu Anhua’s understanding of the “magic change” marketing. They are all sorry for the luxury production team. Some people give advice to the marketing team, so we can simply move the first sentence of the first piece of incense sticks: the first stove incense. “Please find the family’s moldy green and beautiful copper incense burner, light a furnace of aloe chips, and listen to me tell a story of Hong Kong before the war”. I don’t know how many times it is advanced.

the first incense ” Is there a problem with the marketing of? From the perspective of marketing, there is no problem. Because compared with traditional film marketing, we media marketing such as short videos is the new battlefield and main battlefield of film marketing. If we want to catch the audience who don’t know Zhang Ailing, don’t watch Xu Anhua and despise literary and artistic films, we have to increase we media marketing and push the films to the largest group. It’s understandable The film wants to maximize the box office’s urgency. But to tell the truth, for this level of movie, this completely “sink type” and “local flavor” marketing method is rather old and out of date. The current marketing style also reduces the expectations and even loses interest of many potential buyers who are concerned about the movie.

“sink type”. Can marketing really bring high box office? Xu Anhua style literary blockbusters take this “painful emotional style” The fickleness of the world is not so much worried about the marketing. Eileen Chang’s sad sorrow of the man who is driven by desire and the cool feeling she calmly portrays is not the same as Xu Anhua’s director. She will not make the painful love story of the contemporary, and the marketing of the movie can be more suitable for herself or higher. Looking at it, the real youth pain movie is not playing this kind of local marketing.

Another fear is that the film will become the next “the last night of the earth”. Before the release of “the last night of the earth”, directed by Bi Gan, it was emotional marketing. Many viewers watched the film with the romantic ceremony of “a kiss across the new year”. As a result, Bi Gan’s unique style literary and artistic film was criticized for being out of order, “I don’t know what to say and don’t understand” , many audiences think that they have been affected by marketing. One day after the release, the expectation of watching the film drops rapidly, and the follow-up reputation of the film is also affected. The huge audience groups in the third and fourth tier cities that such films want to lock in are not very interested in literary and artistic emotional films. They like blockbusters and cool films.

replace the content and quality marketing of the film with a selling point of the best marketing, right For films such as “the first incense” and “the last night of the earth”, it’s a bit like spring and snow, but this marketing method is constantly favored by the film makers. It’s what marketing should do to maximize the promotion and popularity of the film. What are the pros and cons? The film makers have the best calculations, and the subsequent market will give answers