The new study observed the details of the evolution of hot gas in active black holes

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The new study observed the details of the evolution of hot gas in active black holes

the researchers focused on the nest 200047 system (composed of about 20 galaxies about 200 million light-years away). There is an active black hole in the central galaxy of the system. Researchers observed many bubbles of different ages, filamentous structures around the magnetic field and some particles around the black hole

LOFAR, the world’s largest low-frequency array radio telescope, can intercept the radiation generated by the oldest electron that can be detected at present, enabling researchers to “go back” more than 100 million years ago and trace the activity of the black hole in nest200047 center

Marissa brienza, the first author of the study, a researcher in the Department of physics and astronomy of the University of Bologna in Italy and a member of the International Astronomical Union, said: “Our research shows how these bubbles accelerated by black holes expand and deform over time. In fact, they create spectacular mushroom, ring and filament structures similar to those produced by a powerful volcanic eruption on earth.”

there is a supermassive black hole at the core of each galaxy. Its activity has a crucial impact on the evolution of the Milky way and the intergalactic environment that hosts it. For many years, researchers have been trying to figure out how and at what rate these black holes produce these effects.

when a black hole is active, it consumes everything around it and in the process It releases huge energy. Sometimes this energy moves at a speed close to the speed of light and generates radio waves in the form of particle streams. In turn, these streams will produce particle bubbles and magnetic fields. In the process of expansion, they can heat and move the surrounding intergalactic medium. This has a great impact on the evolution of the intergalactic medium itself and therefore on the rate of star formation Had an impact.

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this study shows that the influence range of an active black hole is 100 times larger than that of the host galaxy, and this influence can last for hundreds of millions of years.

the researchers say that the observation of nest200047 shows how the magnetic field and particles accelerated by the black hole are turning energy It plays a central role in moving to the outer region of the galaxy cluster.

the observation also found thin gas filaments as long as 1 million light-years, which are composed of particles moving at a speed similar to the speed of light and magnetic field. The researchers say these filaments are the remnants of gas bubbles produced by nest 200047 black hole hundreds of millions of years ago, and are now breaking up and mixing with intergalactic media. They believe that studying these junctions The structure will bring new discoveries about the physical characteristics of intergalactic matter and the physical mechanism regulating the energy transfer between bubbles and the external environment