The premiere of the documentary film actor focuses on the twenty-two film stars of new China

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Beijing, October 19 (Xinhua) on the evening of October 18, the recording film actor focusing on “the twenty-two film stars of new China” held its national premiere in Beijing. That night, the main creators of the film, including performing artists Jindi, Xie Fang, Zhang Liang and director Pan Yilin, met after the film

taking “the twenty-two film stars of new China” as the starting point, this film tells the film experience and artistic achievements of the older generation of artists such as Yu Lan, Qin Yi, Tian Hua, Yu Yang, Wang Xiaotang, Jindi, Xie Fang and Zhu Xijuan

The premiere of the documentary film actor focuses on the twenty-two film stars of new China

premiere. Director Pan Yilin shared the shooting process of the film. “The film has been shot for more than five years from beginning to end, so the material has hundreds of hours, and finally there is such a 93 minute presentation. In fact, the sorting process is extremely difficult.”

Pan Yilin said when talking about the original intention of the film in an interview, “One day, I suddenly wondered if I could make them appear on the big screen of the film again. This is my original intention. I just wanted to keep the images of their predecessors – whether they are in their 80s or even in their 90s – on our big screen.”

Jindi, Xie Fang and Zhang Liang, three old artists in their 80s, also appeared at the premiere that night. Xie Fang couldn’t hide her excitement and made several affectionate “Confessions” to the audience, “the people we actors love most are the audience!” “what actors need most is the audience! Without the audience, there will be no actors.”

Jindi sent a message to contemporary young actors: “Be loyal to the role, the film and the script.” she sincerely said: “actors should not only focus on themselves, but should devote themselves to the role.” Zhang Liang showed a tongue twister Linglong tower on the spot , interpreting the basic skills of actors.

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director Pan Yilin was interviewed with three performing artists, Xie Fang, Jindi and Zhang Liang. The film side provided pictures

Professor Hu Zhifeng, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president of Beijing Film Academy, praised the film as a tribute to classics and old artists At the same time, it is also paying tribute to the real performing arts. “We pay tribute to the twenty-two film stars and review the profound connotation of the word’actor’. In fact, it is particularly important in this era.”

director Jiang Ping, who has maintained close contact with many old artists for a long time, shared the actors’ experience of life and anecdotes behind the scenes, so that the audience had a more vivid understanding of these older filmmakers.

sun chonglei, Deputy Secretary general of the filmmakers Association, believes that the charm of documentary film lies in its simple and real emotions to impress and infect people “The whole film shows the deep feelings of the main creative team for these performing artists and the deep feelings of these famous film performing artists for the film industry.”

many young actors and actresses also attended the premiere that night. Young actor Jiang Yiyi recalled her experience of filming since childhood and said that she benefited a lot from watching the film, “After watching the film, if you want to stop and think about it, the teachers in the film all said to’be a clean man and act seriously’, also said to’go deep into life and experience life’ and’there is no end to performance’, especially to be taught.”

from now on, the main creative team of the film will go into ten cities across the country to carry out “distance and Walker” The new China Film Studio toured the national roadshow with the theme of “actor”. The documentary film “actor” is produced by the program center of the film channel and will be released to cinemas all over the country on October 30. (end)