The signing amount at the opening of Liaoning Shenyang International Agricultural Expo exceeded 20 billion yuan

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Beijing, Shenyang, October 13 (Li Jian) the 12th Liaoning International Agricultural Expo and the 21st Shenyang International Agricultural Expo, hosted by Liaoning Provincial People’s government, undertaken by Shenyang Municipal People’s government and Liaoning Provincial Department of agriculture and rural areas, and executed by Liaoning Runbo Exhibition Engineering Co., Ltd., opened in Shenyang International Exhibition Center on October 13

this Agricultural Expo aims at “displaying achievements, expanding exchanges, promoting trade and cultivating brands”, with the theme of “green, health, innovation and development” “Build a modern agriculture exhibition platform, display the latest agricultural development achievements at home and abroad, expand opening-up cooperation, jointly promote rural revitalization, promote famous, special and high-quality new agricultural products, promote production and marketing docking and agricultural scientific and technological innovation, publicize agriculture in Liaoning and Shenyang, cultivate agricultural brands and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of agriculture” As the main content, improve the specialization, marketization, branding, internationalization and informatization level of agricultural exhibitions, and build the Agricultural Expo into an international agricultural event with characteristics, high level, domestic first-class and world-class.

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on site signing ceremony. Li Photo

this Agricultural Expo consists of two online plates (3D virtual plate and 2D plane plate) And four offline pavilions, with a total of 2000 international standard booths, 48000 square meters, 73 specially installed display units, with a display area of 12095 square meters, accounting for 66% of the total booth area. 1146 exhibitors were implemented. 174 key purchasers were invited, 28 on-site contracted projects, with a contract amount of 21.862 billion yuan.

with the grand opening of the Agricultural Expo, brand agricultural products were promoted simultaneously 13 activities, including the exhibition of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, Shengjing forum for rural revitalization, rural e-commerce Summit Forum, financial assistance to agriculture forum, industrial chain investment promotion conference, and village enterprises’ joint promotion of revitalization, high-quality agricultural product project press conference, Beijing Shenyang cooperation docking meeting, will enrich the contents of the exhibition and deepen cooperation and exchange, which will certainly achieve good results.

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it is worth noting that the Rural Revitalization all media reception hall located in hall E2 made its debut at the Agricultural Expo. The Rural Revitalization all media reception hall was built by Shenyang Radio and television station, covering an area of 270 square meters. The reception hall adopts the function integration of “display + application” and “5g + 4K” With the technical empowerment of, the all media live broadcast of the exhibition was realized. At the same time, a variety of interactive ways were used to show the development achievements of Shenyang in key work areas such as poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and food safety. This is also the first appearance of the all media reception hall with the theme of Rural Revitalization in the same type of exhibitions in the province.

it is reported that the all media reception hall of Rural Revitalization The all media cloud exhibition live broadcast has met the citizens’ enthusiasm to understand the Agricultural Expo through the Internet and pay attention to Rural Revitalization to the greatest extent. The main contents of the live broadcast include exhibition introduction, main activities, high-end interviews, anchor exploration, etc. many millions of fans and online anchor also participated in the live broadcast and delivery of the Agricultural Expo, which fully enabled rural e-commerce.

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all media reception hall for Rural Revitalization. Photo by Li Jian

it is understood that after years of development, Liaoning International Agricultural Expo and Shenyang International Agricultural Expo have grown from 150 booths to 2000 booths. In the past 20 years, the scale of the Agricultural Expo has expanded more than 10 times, The number of exhibits, transaction amount, exhibitors and participants also doubled year by year, achieving extensive social and good economic benefits.

Shenyang Agricultural Expo grew from nothing, from weak to strong, from regional agricultural exhibitions to international well-known agricultural exhibitions, from “market-oriented” focusing on the sales of agricultural products From the exhibition to a comprehensive exhibition covering all fields of agriculture, it is a very influential Agricultural Expo in Northeast and North China. It is becoming a festival warmly expected by the people, a stage for business exchanges and cooperation, and a carrier for accelerating the development of agriculture. (end)