The United States announced to relax international travel restrictions and recognize seven vaccines such as Sinopharm and Kexing

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(novel coronavirus pneumonia) announced the relaxation of international travel restrictions, recognition of seven vaccines, including the national drug and Kexing,

, Washington, October 26 (reporter Chen Mengtong) President Biden signed the presidential announcement on 25, announcing that the international air travel restrictions on non immigrants since the outbreak of COVID-19 last year will be lifted from November 8th. Promote the safe resumption of international travel activities

The United States announced to relax international travel restrictions and recognize seven vaccines such as Sinopharm and Kexing

according to the new regulations, non immigrant international passengers who meet the three requirements of “holding valid full vaccination certificate, 72 hour negative test report before boarding and personal information arriving in the United States” can enter the United States through the airport

in line with this announcement, the CDC issued three new regulations on vaccination, virus testing and epidemic tracking on the same day, making it clear that the United States officially recognized seven new crown vaccines that have entered the World Health Organization’s emergency use list

according to the regulations issued by the CDC of the United States, in addition to Pfizer, Modena and Johnson & Johnson vaccines used in the United States, these seven vaccines also include four new crown vaccines such as bibp / Sinopharm, Sinovac, AstraZeneca and covishield of India

the U.S. government also stipulates that the effective vaccination certificate must at least include the name and birthday of the vaccinator, the name and date of vaccination, the official issuing authority and other information. The non English vaccination certificate shall also prepare a translation for verification by the airline

the new regulations also exempt minority non immigrant groups such as minors under the age of 18, allowing them to enter the United States without vaccination. Children under the age of two need not be tested

a senior White House official held a telephone briefing on the above policy on the 25th, saying that U.S. officials will provide policy implementation details to airlines from now on to ensure that these new regulations can be implemented as scheduled. International passengers preparing to go to the United States should pay close attention to the relevant information recently released by airlines

the official also said that the U.S. land port will also adopt an entry policy similar to international air travel. Foreign tourists to the United States for non essential reasons (such as tourism) must provide full vaccination certificates from November 8. (end)