The US House Committee unanimously adopted a proposal to charge Bannon with “contempt of Congress”

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Beijing, Oct. 20 (Xinhua) – according to comprehensive U.S. media reports, on October 19 local time, the “congressional riots investigation committee” of the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously adopted a report accusing Stephen Bannon, former chief strategist of the White House and one of former president Trump’s closest allies, of “contempt for the Congress”

The US House Committee unanimously adopted a proposal to charge Bannon with “contempt of Congress”

it is reported that the report will now be submitted to the house of representatives for a vote. Committee chairman Benny Thompson said he expected the house of representatives to vote on Bannon’s contempt charges by the end of this week

after the house of Representatives files a contempt of Congress lawsuit, it needs to be handed over to the Ministry of justice to start legal proceedings. This process may take some time, but the committee can take preliminary measures within hours of the expiration of the summons

previously, the “congressional riot investigation committee” issued a subpoena asking four senior officials during Trump’s administration, including Stephen Bannon, to provide written documents and testify in court. But Bannon completely ignored the summons

Democratic congressman Elaine Luria, who participated in the investigation of the incident, said, “Bannon should understand that he cannot escape the subpoena of Congress. We will act quickly. We will use all the tools we have to enforce the law and accept his testimony.”

however, the US media pointed out that although the criminal charges of contempt of Congress sound serious, But this may be more of a warning. It may take years for Bannon to be convicted of contempt of Congress through prosecution, and many cases of contempt of Congress in history have repeatedly failed due to appeal and exemption