Transformation of Millennium Lake pen: “live broadcasting with goods” stimulates the new vitality of traditional industries

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Beijing, Huzhou, October 14 (Shi Zinan, Ni Aojie) “Hubi is also known as’ Huying’, which is its biggest feature…” these days, LV Tao, the “master of live broadcasting” in Hubi Cultural Industry Park, Shanlian Town, Nanxun District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, conducted several webcasts to show Hubi cultural and creative products through the lens and reveal the inheritance skills of Hubi

Hubi, together with Hui ink, rice paper and Duan inkstone, is known as the “four treasures of study”, which is an important symbol of the long and splendid Chinese civilization. Shanlian town is the birthplace and main producing area of Hubi

in recent years, the town has taken advantage of the Internet platform “live broadcasting with goods” to promote the high-quality transformation and development of the Lake pen industry through multi angle and three-dimensional publicity and promotion

LV Tao, who had a strong interest in Hubi since childhood, returned to his hometown Shanlian ten years ago and started as an apprentice. Last year, he initiated the idea of making cultural and creative products and devoted himself to the research and development of Hubi cultural and creative products

“at first, my father didn’t agree with me to engage in Hubi cultural and creative industry.” Lv Tao said, “thanks to the communication between the three service commissioners in the town and my father again and again, he gradually changed and supported my work.”

the support of his family made LV Tao more energetic

Transformation of Millennium Lake pen: “live broadcasting with goods” stimulates the new vitality of traditional industries

Hubi town booth at the 17th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo, photographed by Yao Yingying

“not long ago, the newly launched Hubi cultural and creative products’ see a beautiful China in Huzhou’ sold more than 500 sets in less than a month.” Lv Tao said while displaying Hubi cultural and creative products, “Some time ago, we also combined the classic Cloisonne with color shadow wood to make a unique Hubi cultural and creative product.”

the innovation and development of cultural and creative products can not be driven by the platform. Some time ago, the 17th China (Shenzhen) At the International Cultural Industry Expo, Shanlian Hubi town appeared as a representative of a characteristic town in Zhejiang Province, and Hubi was also exhibited as a representative of cultural and creative products.

in recent years, Shanlian town has actively guided the Hubi industry to carry out e-commerce business, explored a new retail form of “live broadcasting with goods”, and formulated the guidance service catalogue in detail according to the network operation needs of Hubi enterprises The guidance manual for e-commerce entrepreneurship, and has established and improved service systems such as cultivation, tracking and return visit.

at present, the town has 372 Lake pen related business entities, accounting for more than 80% of the total. At the same time, the town organizes Lake pen enterprises to participate in national exhibitions in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and other places every year.

“Taking the express train of Shenzhen Cultural Expo and standing at a new starting point for the development of characteristic towns, we will focus on deepening the’three services’, actively perform our territorial responsibilities, break the blocking points of transformation and upgrading, and provide accurate services to boost the high-quality transformation and development of the Lake pen industry.” The relevant person in charge of Shanlian town said.

in 2020, the output value of Hu pen and related industries in the town was about 850 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12%; the sales market share of brush in China reached 30%, of which the market share of medium and high-grade brush reached 60%, and the market share increased by 1.5% annually in recent five years, and is still increasing year by year. (end)