Uranus will be close to the moon this week

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this week, people can find Uranus in the night sky without using binoculars or binoculars. According to sky watch website in-the-sky.org, Uranus is “closest to the moon at 6:39 p.m. Eastern time on Thursday (October 21).”. However, even if Uranus is not observed on Thursday, there will be some opportunities to see the planet. For example, on Friday, the planet will still be close to the moon. In addition, the moon will not be so bright – which means that people have a better chance to see Uranus, which will not be obscured by the brightness of the moon

Uranus will be close to the moon this week

Uranus will be close to the moon this week(1)

space.com reported that “Uranus will shine at a brightness of 5.7 and so on.” it is only marginally brighter than the farthest object that a person with perfect vision can see at night. “If you live near any light pollution source, especially in or near big cities, you will not be able to observe Uranus without telescopes.”

in fact, Uranus should be easier to find in early November. Newsweek advises people to start looking in the sky and focus on “a little north due east, that is, near the full moon”