Why doesn’t Yuan Longping eat out easily?

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Beijing, October 19 (reporter Zhang Xi) “they said that I changed the world with a seed. I know that this seed was planted by my mother when I was young!”

as the “father of hybrid rice”, Yuan Longping’s letter to his mother made many people cry

on the evening of the 18th, the unit of Yuan Longping’s dream of the TV series meritorious service was officially broadcast. The series used Yuan Longping’s letter to frame the time and space of the whole story. After the broadcast, many netizens brushed the screen in the bullet screen to cherish the memory of old yuan, and some lamented that the play had achieved God restoration and made people cry

How was this “divine drama” created

Why doesn’t Yuan Longping eat out easily?

before the time is set back to creation, the question in front of director Yan Jiangang and screenwriter song Fangjin is: what kind of person is Yuan Longping, a household name

in order to solve this problem, they visited the place where Yuan Longping lived and worked many times before shooting. Each in-depth understanding shocked and moved them

Song Fangjin originally thought that as an academician, a meritorious figure and a great scientist, the residence should be spacious and bright, not to mention how luxurious. But when he first walked into Yuan Longping’s Hainan residence (National Nanfan scientific research and breeding base), tears flowed out

“I didn’t expect that it was a very old building in the 1980s, where Mr. Yuan lived. His living room was a very narrow place, and his bedroom was very small. Together, it was more than 30 square meters. It was very simple and old, which shocked me and the director.”

Why doesn’t Yuan Longping eat out easily?(1)

What shocked song Fangjin was that although yuan solved the problem of Chinese people’s rice bowl, his diet had always been a problem

“Mr. Yuan can’t eat out in a restaurant. Because he goes to the field in the rice field all year round, he has serious gastrointestinal diseases. As long as he eats outside, he will have diarrhea. Therefore, Mr. Yuan is strictly restricted in eating and can only eat things in certain places. For example, he can only eat meals made at home.”

in addition, Mr. Yuan suffers from dermatitis, You can’t spend the night anywhere, because you can’t stand it. “Every night, Mr. Yuan needs to use the cork of the thermos to scald himself, otherwise he will itch and can’t sleep. But he will be better when he is in Hainan and Hunan, because he has stayed for a long time.”

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in Song Fangjin’s opinion, Old yuan is a magnificent and legendary figure. When he was born, he was delivered by Lin Qiaozhi, the “mother of ten thousand babies”. He lived a vagrant life since childhood, experienced war, hunger and defeated it

how to write about this person? What part of his life

finally, Yan Jiangang and song Fangjin chose yuan Lao to study hybrid rice for more than ten years from the 1960s to the mid-1970s

“this is not the most glorious moment of old yuan, but it is his struggle moment. He has experienced countless hardships and is the most moving,” said director Yan Jiangang

“Yuan Longping’s dream, or his ideal in this life, came from his childhood. At that time, they were in Chongqing. The suffering brought by war and hunger was engraved in his heart. In the process of fleeing, he saw farmers planting rice seedlings in paddy fields in the risk of bomb explosion, so as not to miss the agricultural time. Because his mother said to him:” people miss the time and the land One year’s delay. ”

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Yan Jiangang filmed this scene in the play. Family plays an important role in Yuan Longping’s success. Yuan Lao also mentioned this in his letter to his mother:

“I can’t imagine how I could read the world’s most advanced scientific literature in English without your English Enlightenment, and go to look for Mendel and Morgan, the masters of genetics, with a vision beyond that era? I can’t imagine how I could go from Peiping to Hankou, from Taoyuan to Chongqing without your persistence and encouragement Can I get systematic modern education and the courage to roam freely in the rivers? I can’t imagine how I can firmly believe that there must be a seed that can make thousands of people say goodbye to hunger without you telling me about Nietzsche and the great philosopher with high vitality and willpower? ”

Why doesn’t Yuan Longping eat out easily?(2)

in Song Fangjin’s view, Yuan Lao’s discovery of hybrid rice is not an accident, but an inevitable event. “He has a scientific thinking method, and this inevitable event has a series of rigorous scientific reasoning.”

“He is optimistic and strong. He can systematically learn knowledge in this field and dialectically look at problems. Yuan’s life is not only a great and dedicated life, but also a life that can enlighten others. He can learn a lot of useful things for young people.”

in 2018, Yuan Longping, over the age of 88, said: “I have two dreams, one is the dream of enjoying the cool under the grass and the other is the dream of covering the world with hybrid rice.”

now, Yuan Lao’s dream has been realized.

after shooting Yuan Longping’s dream, director Yan Jiangang has a new understanding of the word “meritorious service” –

“His ultimate goal will never be personal success. He must benefit others, society and all mankind. Only by doing so can he be worthy of the word’meritorious service’. (end)