“Winter Olympic hot wind” blowing into Jilin Campus: ice and snow teenagers chasing Championship dream

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Beijing, Jilin, October 24 (reporter Shi Hongyu) – preparations for the new “season” have begun again. Xu Panyu, 12, will still think of his “highlight” moment – when the curling match came to 6-7, her team was temporarily behind. As long as her opponent scored another point, she and her teammates will “go home”

“Winter Olympic hot wind” blowing into Jilin Campus: ice and snow teenagers chasing Championship dream

the picture shows Xu Panyu and his classmates Li Kai

Xu Panyu controlled his muscles, threw a curler and leveled the score, and then worked hard to “kill” each other. “It’s wonderful to win the championship, but we still need to do a good job in daily training. My classmates and I hope to defend the championship in the recent competition.”

Xu Panyu is a sixth grader of the nine-year school on Hengshan Road, yaqiao, Jilin. The championship she and her classmates won is only part of the local ice and snow competition. As the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are approaching, the Northeast ice and snow city blows the Olympic “hot wind” early

the reporter learned that the competent education department of Jilin City requires its campuses to set up ice and snow sports courses and organize various ice and snow sports leagues. Xu Panyu and his classmates embarked on the champion “journey”

Jilin is the second largest city in Jilin Province. It has unique ice and snow resources and has cultivated a number of world champions such as Li Jianrou, Wu Dajing, Han Yutong and Zang Ruxin

“Winter Olympic hot wind” blowing into Jilin Campus: ice and snow teenagers chasing Championship dream(1)

the picture shows Xu Panyu and his teammate training, photographed by Li Kai

Zou Chunhong, executive principal of Jilin yaqiao Hengshan Road nine-year school, introduced that relying on unique ice and snow resources, the school has set up courses such as curling, skating, skiing and ice hockey, and added professional classrooms and equipment in order to create an ice and snow sports atmosphere throughout the year. Ice and snow sports courses are loved by students and supported by parents. “Parents train with their children in extracurricular meetings.”

on the ice hockey field, 11-year-old Liang Junxi can be called a “phenomenon” player. With the encouragement and support of his father, he has been training for 7 years, and his bookcase at home is full of trophies. At present, many domestic clubs have thrown olive branches at him

“I have been invited to join a foreign team, but I prefer to make achievements in my hometown.” Liang Junxi said that his father is a fan of ice and snow sports. In order to pursue better results, they accept strict diet and physical management together

according to the official introduction of Jilin City, the local ice and snow sports have ushered in greater development, schools and social clubs have been established, and the league system at all levels is being implemented

outside the stadium, social attention has also shaped the heat of ice and snow. Kwai Yu uploaded short video of the training on the fast hand, and the figure in Liang Junxi’s competition also spread outward. “The championship and competition are exciting. I hope one day we can stand on the podium on behalf of the Chinese team,” Xu said. (end)