With the joint efforts of the Fujian and Taiwan industries, the Kinmen book fair was restarted in Taiwan

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The novel coronavirus pneumonia, , Taipei, October 21, was jointly held by the publishing industry in Fujian and Taiwan. The fifteenth Golden Gate Book Fair and the Eleventh Taipei book fair postponed the opening ceremony of the Eleventh Taipei book fair. p>

this normalized traveling book fair, which began in 2005, has been held for 14 consecutive sessions

the 15th Kinmen Book Fair (Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Malaysia) tour exhibition jointly sponsored by the Strait publishing and distribution group, Fujian Xinhua Publishing Group and Kaohsiung publishing industry association was suspended in 2020 due to the impact of the epidemic. In the face of the still existing difficulties in cross-strait exchanges, the publishing industry of Fujian and Taiwan made joint efforts to make the exhibition debut this year in the form of a combination of online exhibition, discussion and offline book exhibition

he Qiang, one of the organizers and deputy general manager of the cross strait publishing and distribution group, said that in the post epidemic era, the publishing industries of the two places should continue to make good use of the channel of the Golden Gate Book Fair, so that more activities on both sides of the Strait can be gathered at the book fair, so as to better promote cross-strait cultural exchanges, spiritual connection and the development of cultural industries

With the joint efforts of the Fujian and Taiwan industries, the Kinmen book fair was restarted in Taiwan

on October 20, the Golden Gate Book Fair and the 11th Taipei Book Fair opened in Taiwan. The picture shows the book fair on the campus of truth University. Chen Junsheng, chairman of Kaohsiung Publishing Industry Association, said that it was not easy to hold the book fair, with twists and turns, and received the support of many people during the period. At present, cross-strait relations fluctuate greatly, and cross-strait exchanges are difficult at this time point, but academic and publishing exchanges are necessary. He expects the publishing industry of both sides to learn from each other

on the same day, people from the book publishing and distribution industry on both sides of the Strait held an online discussion. Liang Jinxing, general manager of Taiwan wanjuan Lou book company, delivered speeches with Xie Xingquan, deputy general manager of Fujian Xinhua Distribution (Group) Co., Ltd. Zhang Yanrui, chief editor of wanjuan Lou book company, Ren Xinyu, editor of Strait literature and Art Publishing House, Zheng Cuiyun, Chen Zhiyao and Tian Chenghai, editors of Fujian people’s publishing house, made thematic reports to discuss cross-strait cooperation, We hope to jointly break through the difficulties of the book publishing and distribution industry

this book fair was first held in Kaohsiung Normal University on the 15th. In the one month exhibition, the Taiwan organizer is entrusted to display and sell representative simplified books published in the mainland in recent two years, especially Fujian books, in Colleges and universities in Kinmen, Mazu, Taichung, Taipei, Hualien, Hsinchu and Xinbei. (end)