World Heritage “Resurrection”: the revival of the ancient village of the Millennium lougang

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Beijing, Huzhou, October 20 (reporter Shi Zinan) 75 year old Li suogen has lived in Yigao village, Zhili Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province for generations. A hundred steps away from his home is a port called yigaolou; Outside the old sluice in yigaolou, there is Taihu Lake

“ten thousand miles of water makes a Lou, and two thousand years of embroidery makes a Polder.” Lou port is an ancient and unique water conservancy project in Taihu Lake area, which gives full play to the functions of storage, discharge, diversion and drainage, and is still playing a role. In 2016, lougang port in Taihu Lake was successfully listed in the world Irrigation Engineering Heritage list

at present, most of the Taihu lougang with “36 lougang and 72 port” have disappeared. There are 31 lougang in Wuxing district (including South Taihu New Area), which has become the only intact area in the Taihu Lake Basin

the prosperity of water conservancy makes the Dragon tame, and the prosperity of water conservancy makes the people’s livelihood rich. When lougang disappeared, the ancient village declined. How to awaken the “sleeping” resources and revitalize the “hollow” ancient village

under the background of cultural and tourism integration, Wuxing District focuses on creating a profound cultural tourism “gold attraction” by focusing on the panorama of the whole area and taking Zicheng culture, tea culture, silk culture and lougang culture as the core, so as to usher in new opportunities for the development of lougang ancient village

the reconstruction of Yigao village is a wonderful epitome

as an important node of lougang in Taihu Lake, Yigao village is a typical carrier and display of lougang culture, known as “the Pearl in the cultural belt of lougang”. Yigaolou in the village is also one of the few well preserved ancient Lou ports at present

World Heritage “Resurrection”: the revival of the ancient village of the Millennium lougang

the scenery of Wuxing village was photographed by Zhang Dong

“before, because we mainly focused on the protection of lougang, the development of the village in the past few decades was quite slow, resulting in a lot of idle ancient buildings in the village.” Zhong Liang, Secretary of the general Party branch of Yigao village, said frankly that taking this opportunity, the village repaired the old as before in the development of cultural and tourism industry, Explore the seamless connection between lougang culture and tourism

after the restoration of Chen’s memorial archway, the transformation of the callouse station into lougang culture exhibition hall, and the transformation of fan’s hall into family style and family instruction Chongyi Hall… After the construction of “the first village of lougang in Taihu Lake” was launched, Yigao village called for new memories in the development of cultural and tourism industry, and the collective economy of the village increased rapidly, from more than 600000 yuan (RMB, the same below) in 2019 to 2.2 million yuan in 2020

the quiet ancient house began to bustle again. A number of new business forms have also taken root in the village. The villagers have achieved entrepreneurship and employment at home and embarked on a new “road to prosperity”

ZHONG Fuying, a retired Yigao village villager, works as a waiter in the newly opened B & B in the village, is responsible for cleaning every day, and can earn 3000 yuan a month; The old house of villager Zhang Wenjia has become an exquisite tourist shop after being repaired in the ancient village. He has also returned home from other places to become a boss…

in Zhong Liang’s words, “Yigao has finally’lived’ again in recent years.”

born and prospered because of Lou. In recent years, one ancient village after another has been “alive”. With the establishment of 4A scenic spot and rural tourism agglomeration area as the carrier, it has revitalized resources and introduced projects to make the originally “sleeping” lougang culture shine

Yanglou village, located in Wuxing high tech Zone, combines industry and tourism to attract social capital and high-quality projects through beautiful rural construction. In recent years, a series of facilities such as rural maker space, rural tourist distribution center and home stay model room have sprung up

World Heritage “Resurrection”: the revival of the ancient village of the Millennium lougang(1)

Yigao village held folk activities. Zhang Dong took a photo

he took a fancy to the village’s well preserved “lougang culture”. After Banbianshan Xialv group settled in, it redesigned, designed and renovated dozens of scattered farmhouses, allowing tourists to experience the original life in the south of the Yangtze River and Wu culture, increasing the collective economic income of the village and driving the employment of local people

at present, the ancient villages of lougang are connected and rejuvenated along the coast of Taihu Lake. The canal culture, rice culture and silk culture derived from lougang culture have also formed an endless “lougang cultural tourism belt” on the South Bank of Taihu Lake

“at present, in the context of cultural tourism integration, it has become a trend to’activate’ cultural heritage and create cultural tourism IP, and Taihu lougang will also usher in new development opportunities.” Bi Jianhong, general manager of Taihu lougang scenic spot, said that for this reason, the ancient village of lougang needs to find a correct positioning, create content and create products to play its due role of multiple values

vertical Lou Hengtang, misty. Walking alone on the South Bank of Taihu Lake, lougang of Taihu Lake, which has been silent for thousands of years, is “waking up” with a new attitude. A dialogue through ancient and modern times continues. (end)