XCMG smart scheme unveiled at the United Nations Global Sustainable Transportation Conference

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Recently, XCMG, as a participant, witness and contributor of China’s intelligent transportation development, was invited to make an appearance at the conference on behalf of China’s road machinery. It demonstrated XCMG’s cutting-edge technologies such as intelligent cabin driving and unmanned technology, and contributed to the Chinese practice of road intelligent construction solutions for this conference

XCMG smart scheme unveiled at the United Nations Global Sustainable Transportation Conference

venues (drawings provided by XCMG group)

“transportation” is the key to rejuvenating the country, the foundation of strengthening the country, and the “pioneer” of economic and social development. “Sustainable” is increasingly becoming a development label in this field. It is reported that the theme of this conference is “sustainable transportation and sustainable development”. By combining online and offline, government leaders, industry experts and social organizations from many countries gather together to discuss the way to the future of sustainable transportation

in this glorious mileage that has attracted the attention of the world, XCMG has always shared the same fate with the development of transportation in the motherland. The world’s longest Desert Expressway – Beijing Xinjiang expressway, Qinghai Tibet Expressway with an altitude of 4500 meters, Beijing Xiong expressway, Shanghai Nanjing Expressway and other national major projects shine with the struggle figure of “XCMG gold”

overseas, international projects such as Nairobi Expressway in Kenya, Tanzanian airport, Mombasa Nairobi railway construction project in Kenya and the largest dangote petroleum refining project in Africa also describe XCMG’s great Oriental strength for world transportation development

through VR glasses, the driver can monitor the construction surrounding environment, vehicle operation, road construction quality and other relevant data in real time. 5g intelligent driving cabin provides another intelligent scheme path for some high cold, high altitude and areas not suitable for manual operation in the future

XCMG smart scheme unveiled at the United Nations Global Sustainable Transportation Conference(1)

innovative development is the power source of sustainable transportation. From the 1960s, XCMG successfully developed China’s first steam engine roller to now, it has become the most complete road machinery and equipment provider in the world, XCMG has always put the concept of sustainable development throughout innovation and R & D

sustainable development China plan

XCMG vigorously develops circular economy from the whole value chain links such as supply chain management system, green R & D, green manufacturing and remanufacturing, so as to achieve “structure adjustment, chain optimization, energy conservation and emission reduction”. The business activities of the enterprise always focus on green and sustainable development

XCMG unmanned has revolutionized the road construction and maintenance mode by using cutting-edge technologies such as Beidou system, 5g and big data analysis. Compared with traditional manual construction, unmanned cluster operation has the characteristics of higher construction quality and safety, shorter construction cycle, lower labor intensity, more energy conservation and environmental protection

at present, XCMG’s complete set of unmanned equipment has achieved normal construction in one-third of the country, and has been regularly applied in major projects such as Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, Xinjiang a Wu expressway, Beijing Xiong and Beijing Germany, marking XCMG’s contribution to the world’s sustainable traffic development