Xinjiang cotton farmers: our happiness is like “flowers”

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China News Agency, Shaya, Xinjiang, October 16 – Title: Xinjiang cotton farmers: our happiness is like “flowers”

“cotton has become a” happy flower “for people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang to increase their income and become rich, and the development of cotton industry has opened up another” happy road “for people of all ethnic groups.” on the 15th, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region held a special press conference on cotton in Shaya County, Aksu Prefecture, Said niyazi AXIMU, Commissioner of Aksu regional administration

Xinjiang cotton farmers: our happiness is like “flowers”

the day before that, a reporter from China News Agency saw in an interview in nurbak Township, Shaya county that a 1500 mu cotton field looked white from a distance, looked like a star spot dyeing near, and more than 10 cotton pickers were working in the field, accompanied by the roar of machinery, Lines of white cotton were “shaved” clean, and the income was “pocketed”. The local cotton farmer happily said: “our cotton’Yakesi’ in Xinjiang.”

for mechanized cotton picking, Yimin anayeti, a cotton farmer in Shaya County, was full of praise. He said at the press conference: “in the past, our family had 100 mu of cotton. Every time I went to pick cotton, I had to worry about finding a florist. Now my family has five high-power tractors, two cotton pickers, as well as all kinds of machinery such as applicators and UAVs. The whole process of cotton from sowing to harvesting has been mechanized. 1000 mu of land can be sown for up to 5 days, and all picking can be completed in 3 days.”

in addition to his 1000 mu of land, Yimin anayeti also established a cooperative with his friends, contracted more than 10000 mu of land to grow cotton, promoted the employment of more than 230 local farmers, and enabled them to increase their income and become rich through engaging in cotton planting management. He said: “growing cotton makes our life more and more happy, which is a fact that can not be changed and discredited. As an out and out cotton grower, I have the most say. Anti China forces in the United States and the West spread rumors and discredit, that is, we can’t see us live a happy life and want to cut off our way of wealth.”

with the continuous improvement of the level of agricultural mechanization, Cotton planting in Xinjiang has also given birth to “new farmers”. Muhtar roherman, 29, is an “all-round” agricultural machinery driver in Shaya county. He can drive high-power tractors, cotton pickers and excavators. He said at the press conference: “in 2019, I worked in a cotton enterprise and officially became a cotton picker driver. At that time, I was a co pilot with a monthly salary of 4000 yuan (RMB, the same below). After one year’s efforts, I have now become the person in charge of agricultural machinery management. My income has increased a lot, and I have bought a car. My life is getting better and better.”

in April this year, Muhtar Rohman also purchased an excavator himself. “It should be no problem to earn more than 100000 yuan a year. Now my brother and four disciples are following me to learn the driving and maintenance of cotton pickers and tractors. I believe that when they master the technology, their income will be higher and higher like me. Mechanized and automatic cotton planting has also liberated our farmers from the land, and there are more channels to make money , I am the beneficiary, “said Muhtar Rohman

on the same day, two officials and seven people’s representatives, including local cotton farmers, heads of cotton picker production and manufacturing enterprises, cotton seed intensive processing enterprises and cotton textile enterprises, spoke one after another. The reporter noted that a bunch of blooming cotton was specially placed beside each public representative, and everyone’s face was filled with a pure smile like cotton

Aksu region, located in the south of Xinjiang, is located at the south foot of the middle section of Tianshan Mountains and the north edge of Tarim Basin. It has unique water, soil, light and heat resources, which is suitable for cotton growth. It is an important production base of high-quality commercial cotton in China. The cotton planting area in the whole region is 7.5 million mu, of which the output of long staple cotton accounts for more than 90% of China, and enjoys the reputation of “hometown of long staple cotton in China”. (end)