You can run without a driver! Accelerating the commercialization of Baidu Apollo new cars

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Beijing, October 29 (reporter Wu Tao) on the 28th, baidu announced that Apollo autonomous vehicle has developed from a single model of the fourth generation to three models of the fifth generation, namely Apollo moon extreme fox version, Weima version and ai’an version, providing more choices for Baidu’s “radish run” users

You can run without a driver! Accelerating the commercialization of Baidu Apollo new cars

it is reported that at present, “radish express” has carried out manned operation services in five cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha and Cangzhou, with a total reception of more than 400000 people. It is planned to expand the operation scope to 30 cities in the next three years

Wang Yunpeng, vice president of Baidu and general manager of automatic driving technology department, said that Baidu’s safe driving distance has increased from 6 million km to 18 million km, realizing a triple increase; 5g cloud driving has expanded from a single remote relief scenario to three landing scenarios of “enabling shared travel services, enabling special operation scenarios and enabling smart city services”, with accelerated commercialization

“at present, 5g cloud driving has achieved commercial deployment. With only one cockpit, n unmanned vehicles can be allocated, greatly reducing the operating cost,” Baidu said

Xu Baoqiang, director of Baidu’s automotive robotics department, said that Apollo moon not only lightens the unmanned vehicle kit, but also can symbiotically share data with intelligent driving vehicles to create a super data closed loop. “On the basis of pilot assisted driving ANP models, adding a custom lidar and corresponding unmanned driving redundancy can achieve complete unmanned driving ability.”

the current mainstream view is that, Driverless is also the development trend of taxis in the future. According to the report released by Market Research Institute IHS Markit, under the current trend, it is estimated that the market scale of robotaxi is expected to exceed 1.3 trillion yuan, and the travel market will turn to unmanned vehicle travel service scenario in the future. (end)