Zhang Zhiqiang: why do you say that China will not become another western country?

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Zhang Zhiqiang: why do you say that China will not become another western country

China News Agency, Beijing, October 20 (reporter): Zhang Zhiqiang: why do you say that China will not become another western country

China News Agency reporter Gao Kai and Li Jingze

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China’s growth has always been followed by the attention of the world. Since the founding of new China, some western political observers have predicted and even asserted that if China wants to develop and grow, it will have to implement the western institutional model

however, with China’s development, especially the comprehensive progress made since the reform and opening up, the facts show that although China has been learning from the west, China has not followed the United States and Europe. In terms of system and culture, China adheres to its own characteristics and has not embarked on the road of “another western country” predicted by some people

why does China not become another western country? The answer may be rooted in the “depths” of Chinese civilization. Zhang Zhiqiang, director of the Institute of philosophy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, recently accepted the “East West question” interview of China News Agency, pointing out that the different civilization genes make it impossible for China to become another West, but the civilization genes also make us not treat the West in a Western way

Zhang Zhiqiang: why do you say that China will not become another western country?

now the interview is summarized as follows:

China News Agency reporter: in recent years, more and more scholars have begun to discuss the impact of civilization on a country’s development path, and the concept of civilization gene has been discussed more and more. How should we understand civilization genes within the framework of national development

Zhang Zhiqiang: gene is a biological concept, and civilized gene is a metaphor. Specific to the gene of Chinese civilization, it should refer to the most basic prototype force to promote the formation of Chinese civilization. These archetypal forces have continuously played a role in the 5000 year history of Chinese civilization and maintained the stability and continuity of Chinese civilization. Therefore, exploring the nature of these prototype forces and the way they play their role is the key to understand the continuous development and endless vitality of Chinese civilization

why is civilization gene a “force” rather than a “factor”? Because factors tend to be static, while forces focus on dynamics. Comparing the prototype power of this civilization with genes actually means that civilization, like life, has a vitality to overcome internal and external challenges and strive to achieve its own. This vitality not only creates life, but also sustains and promotes the development of life. Therefore, to compare civilization with genes is to focus on the biological nature of civilization

any civilization needs to overcome various internal and external challenges in the process of development in order to realize its internal purpose. Therefore, the survival of civilization is actually a process in which civilization itself constantly gives full play to its historical initiative. The survival of civilization depends on whether it can creatively adapt to the conditions and actively change the environment, so as to promote its own growth. The mystery of the long-term existence of Chinese civilization should be found in the gene that breeds this historical initiative

Zhang Zhiqiang: why do you say that China will not become another western country?(1)

China News Agency reporter: can you talk about how civilization genes affect China’s road choice in combination with history? What are the significant genetic traits of Chinese civilization

Zhang Zhiqiang: when comparing Chinese and European civilizations, we often ignore a factor, that is, the Chinese civilization is a civilization condensed into a country, while the European civilization has not rebuilt a unified political body since the collapse of the Roman Empire, although the ideal of Rome has disappeared from time to time and never disappeared in history. European civilization did not condense into a unified country, but formed a series of nation states in modern times

Strictly speaking, only China is a civilization condensed into a country, although in history, this civilization condensed into a world system with central power. Compared with the nation-state system in modern Europe, China’s political system has a broader scale

the biggest difference between Chinese civilization and Western civilization is the difference in the driving force for the formation of power. The reason why Chinese civilization can condense a broader political system is that it gives legitimacy to politics with the symbol of heaven, which represents all the living people in the world. The totality of the living people in the world symbolized by heaven has become the basis of great unity politics, and the grand and righteous values and balanced methodology contained in the totality of heaven, It has become the fundamental principle of political power

importantly, great unification is not only a description of the concentration of political power, but also a description of the unity of the world community. The political community shaped by the symbolic authority of heaven is above the power demands based on part, group and stratum. This ensures the political stability of the world community, thus making “unification” the basic political concern of the world community. In European civilization, the dichotomy between Caesar and God has led to religion becoming the driving force of political revolution, which is difficult to really maintain the unity of political authority, making division the norm. It should be said that this is the fundamental difference between Chinese and Western civilization genes

based on the symbolic authority of heaven, the Chinese civilization has derived the value of “people first” from the totality of heaven, the methodology of “seeking truth from facts” based on the overall situation and with an open mind, and the political pursuit of world unity from the unity of the world community, All these affect the choice of the path of Chinese civilization in the way of some civilization gene, and constitute the basic trend of Chinese road

Zhang Zhiqiang: why do you say that China will not become another western country?(2)

China News Agency reporter: since modern times, various ideological trends in China have changed one after another, and the Chinese people finally chose Marxism in their active exploration. What do you think of the characteristics of the times in the gene of Chinese civilization in the process of combining with Marxism

Zhang Zhiqiang: Chinese civilization has indeed encountered some problems in modern times. On the one hand, these problems are caused by the challenges of the west, on the other hand, they are also related to the problems of the metabolic mechanism of civilized organisms. In a sense, these problems reveal some bottleneck problems restricting the development of Chinese civilization. The establishment of the Communist Party of China and its hundred years of struggle have fundamentally broken through these bottleneck problems restricting the development of Chinese civilization, so as to restore the vitality of Chinese civilization

in a sense, the emergence of the Communist Party of China actually fully shows the strength of the internal regeneration force of Chinese civilization. This renewal is the result of the CPC’s creative use of Marxism to fully activate the internal strength of Chinese civilization. The Communist Party of China fully embodies the civilization gene of Chinese civilization to give full play to its historical initiative in the historical dilemma

this gene is an ability to constantly accept disadvantages and change, an ability to constantly open up a new realm from historical difficulties, and an ability to constantly bring ancient civilization into a new realm and state. It is this ability that makes Chinese civilization lasting, long and big. In the long course of history, no civilized organism can remain young all the time, but only the Chinese civilization can develop continuously because of its principle of self-renewal

the process of the Chinese people choosing Marxism is actually the process of combining Marxism with China’s specific reality, with China’s excellent traditional culture, and the process of combining Marxism with Chinese civilization. The premise that the two can be combined is that Marxism itself is the product of a thorough philosophical revolution on the Western metaphysical tradition, and Marxism itself has a philosophical spirit starting from reality. At the same time, Marxist view of social organism also makes it have a view of the people based on the whole. These spiritual and ideological characteristics are internally consistent with Chinese civilization. The condition for the combination of the two lies in the creative practice of the Chinese Communists. It should be said that the process of Sinicization of Marxism is the process of the Chinese Communist Party creatively combining Marxism with Chinese reality and Chinese civilization

in this process, the excellent genes contained in Chinese civilization, such as the unified political tradition, the people’s supreme values and the practical and realistic methodology, have obtained new forms and won new consciousness. In this process, the Communist Party of China has broken through many bottleneck problems restricting the development of Chinese civilization. Through metabolism and rejuvenation, the Communist Party of China has made Chinese civilization realize modernization, walked out of a path of Chinese modernization and created a new form of human civilization. In this process, the Communist Party of China firmly grasped the historical initiative, completely changed the fate of all Chinese people who were enslaved and oppressed, and created a new situation of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

Zhang Zhiqiang: why do you say that China will not become another western country?(3)

China News Agency reporter: over the years, China has experienced a process of learning from western developed countries, including cultural exchanges and mutual learning. What do you think Chinese and Western civilizations have in common? What civilization genes determine that China cannot become “another western country”

Zhang Zhiqiang: if we return to the reality of civilization, we will find that all civilizations have something in common. They are the life world and civilized world created by people in the process of adapting to their own environment and meeting external challenges. If we can proceed from reality rather than from the prejudice of any civilization or ideology, civilizations can fully understand and learn from each other

from the reality of civilization history, different civilizations are not unique and uncorrelated, but there are continuous horizontal interactions at multiple levels. In the historical cross section of each civilization, we can see the layered traces of multi civilization blending and interaction. For example, the western civil service system is learned from China’s imperial examination system, and China’s continuous learning of western scientific and technological civilization since modern times is the key for China to get rid of poverty and backwardness

if we maintain a practical view of civilization in which civilizations interact and blend, we will not accept the view of civilization conflict theory. In fact, the theory of civilization conflict is a hypothesis from western historical experience. The essence of the theory of civilization conflict is a dualistic view of opposition from Monotheism and an arbitrary universalism. This dualistic view of monotheism is completely different from the view of Chinese civilization based on the reality of all civilizations

the so-called view of civilized reality based on the whole always requires to understand the world from the world, understand yourself from others, emphasize the epistemology of “doing what you want without benefiting others”, emphasize the moral view of “do not do to others what you don’t want”, emphasize the order view of “harmony but difference and uniformity”, and emphasize the understanding ability of “feeling and communication”. It is these civilization genes that make