Zhejiang holds “cultural tourism +” Development Dialogue: promoting triangular integration with industrial integration

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Beijing, Jiaxing, October 16 (Xie Panpan, Tao Li) how to play a “big chess game” for the integrated development of culture and tourism in the Yangtze River Delta? On October 15, “embracing the Yangtze River Delta · cultural tourism to help integration” 2021 China Jiashan “cultural tourism +” high quality development dialogue and Yangtze River Delta cultural tourism Carnival were held in Jiashan, Jiaxing, Zhejiang. Experts from many places sat down and talked about topics such as “integration of the Yangtze River Delta” and “integration of culture, tourism and sports”, and launched a round table dialogue. They proposed that under the background of integration of the Yangtze River Delta, culture and tourism integration should give full play to regional advantages, vigorously prosper culture and tourism consumption, strive to cultivate a high growth culture and tourism market, and take multiple measures to promote the development of culture and tourism industry

in addition, the cultural and tourism Carnival in the Yangtze River Delta was organized by representatives from Shanghai, Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province. Three activities were also organized to create a romantic, pleasant, relaxed and interesting immersive experience atmosphere

Zhejiang holds “cultural tourism +” Development Dialogue: promoting triangular integration with industrial integration

industry giants “feel the pulse” for industrial integration

the Yangtze River Delta region is one of the regions with the most developed economy and the highest degree of urbanization in China, and it is also a relatively mature regional cultural tourism market. Located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta, jiashandi is the only county scientific development demonstration site in China and an important part of the Yangtze River Delta ecological green integrated development demonstration area

Theme sharing and round table dialogue are the “highlights” of this activity. Big players in the industry discuss and exchange around the effectiveness of global tourism development and the development status of “culture and tourism +” under the background of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta

GAO Shunli, a special researcher of the tourism research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and former president of China Tourism newspaper, believes that cultural tourism integration should not only be a hot word in stages, but also a development orientation and principle that should be implemented for a long time. Therefore, cultural tourism integration should be upgraded to a professional development concept, and “good integration” should be based on the respective promotion of cultural tourism industry, which should be a two-way interaction of cultural tourism industry. In addition, cultural tourism integration should maintain an open mind and ideas, give full play to regional advantages, find appropriate integration interfaces, and select the right integration presentation carrier

Zhang Jinshan, a special researcher of the tourism research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and an associate professor of the school of tourism of Beijing Union University, said that the core issue of the integrated development of culture and tourism is to promote the production of cultural products, that is, cultural industry activities into tourism. Under the background of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, we should vigorously prosper cultural and tourism consumption, Strive to cultivate a high growth cultural tourism market and take multiple measures to promote the development of cultural tourism industry

in the round table dialogue, Xu Yaping, head of China water sports development center of Zhejiang University and world champion of kayaking, expressed his views on the impact of sports and leisure destinations on local tourism. She believes that with the growth and expansion of Jiashan FenHu water sports center and the deep integration of sports and tourism, a new industrial chain will be woven to stimulate urban vitality and economic power

“Yunyou Jiashan” highlights the “digital power” of cultural tourism development

digitization is an indispensable topic for cultural tourism development. At the meeting, Jiashan digital cultural tourism application service platform – “Yunyou Jiashan travel customization” application scenario achievement display attracted attention. In September this year, “Yunyou Jiashan” service platform officially logged into wechat applet and “zheliban”. Starting from public services, the platform establishes a closed-loop service scenario integrating information, consumption and service, realizes multi-channel service access, provides personalized travel customization services for tourists and citizens, real-time information query services for passenger flow and traffic in scenic spots, actively recommends Jiashan characteristic tourism products and tour guide services, and solves the problems of inefficient travel planning, incomplete information services Data analysis is not real-time and other problems, so as to realize “planning a large scene with a small incision”

during the peak period of passenger flow, tourists can view cultural and tourism activities, live weather and other information through the “Yunyou Jiashan” platform, which effectively solves the problems of ticket purchase, accommodation reservation, shopping navigation and so on. The level of cultural and tourism public services has been significantly improved, highlighting the “digital power” in the high-quality development of the cultural and tourism industry

Guo Zhen, member of the Standing Committee of Jiashan County Party committee and Minister of publicity, said that at present, “Yunyou Jiashan” is in charge of the launch of the above tourism body. Through the new model of “government opening data, market use data and data serving tourists”, it has comprehensively built a vertically and horizontally integrated data governance system, and continued to contribute to the integration of culture and tourism and the activation of consumption

“cultural and tourism Carnival” creates a new scene for creative experience

in order to make citizens, tourists and guests feel the distinctive cultural and tourism flavor, this carnival carefully arranged three activities: star sky collection, scenery collection and music collection, creating a romantic, pleasant, relaxed and interesting immersive experience atmosphere

many citizens and tourists gathered to watch and punch in at the activity site of star sky gathering. Here, the intelligent tents and RV carrying the function of “social interaction in public space” together form a group of “situational” on-site “three-dimensional” display experience areas, and the internal space and external decoration of these outdoor equipment display various cultural and creative products with cultural and tourism themes

the elegant gathering of scenery is one of the areas with the largest flow of people. Qingpu District of Shanghai, Wujiang District of Jiangsu Province and Jiaxing counties (cities and districts) have arranged exhibitions on site. Hand brewed coffee, beer stalls, handicrafts, as well as all kinds of specialty food and cultural and creative products in the Yangtze River Delta. The display form of “grounding gas” and the lively sales atmosphere bring citizens and tourists a novel experience like “amusement park”

music collection is a gathering place for art lovers and trendy youth. In the sound of the band, many tourists joined games such as quick Q & A and red envelope rain to push the scene atmosphere to a climax step by step

“in the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, tourists and consumers have higher requirements for products, which requires us to tap the bright spots. Developing night culture and tourism economy and creating new scenes of immersive culture and tourism experience is an effective means.” the relevant person in charge of Jiashan County Bureau of culture, radio, television, tourism and sports said that next, we will continue to enrich the cultural and tourism industry, Record and transmit the new trend of cultural tourism consumption development with digital technology, comprehensively show the development achievements of Jiashan cultural tourism economy, and help the great development of cultural tourism integration. (end)