4 geologist Ailao Mountain was killed: Why did it lose temperature? Were you ready to spend the night when entering the mountain?

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Professor speculates: how terrible is Ailao Mountain 4 victims or poisoned by unidentified gas

how terrible is Ailao Mountain? How dangerous is ordinary geological work

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this event left many mysteries. What kind of mountain is Ailao Mountain? Will it get lost and the compass fail? What kind of work is forest resources investigation? Four people lost contact at noon on November 13. Why did the Zhenyuan County Government of Pu’er City receive the report and began to organize rescue on the evening of November 15? What happened to the four team members in these two days and when did they die? Did the victims have professional knowledge of field survival and made full preparations, and was anyone temporarily transferred? Since the beginning of this year, what has happened to a word that has repeatedly appeared in emergencies – temperature loss

in response to questions such as “whether to temporarily transfer”, fan Zhongyu, Secretary of the Party committee of Kunming comprehensive survey center of natural resources of China Geological Survey, said in response to surging news: “we firmly believe that the public has the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.”

in response to this incident, surging news interviewed local villagers involved in the rescue, rescue personnel of Yunnan fire rescue corps Experts with more than 40 years of field survival investigation experience tried to restore the experience of four people

4 geologist Ailao Mountain was killed: Why did it lose temperature? Were you ready to spend the night when entering the mountain?

I. what kind of mountain is Ailao Mountain

after the incident, netizens lamented in our media and circle of friends that “Ailao Mountain sounds a sad name”

to the outside world, Ailao Mountain is not as famous as Wuliang Mountain adjacent to it. The four investigators were killed, and Ailao Mountain came into wider public view

in fact, Ailao Mountain and Wuliang Mountain are not only adjacent, but also connected in some areas in the north. In early 2021, at the fourth session of the 13th Yunnan Provincial People’s Congress, some deputies put forward the proposal on accelerating the construction of Ailao Mountain Wuliang Mountain National Park in Yunnan Province. In reply on May 25, Yunnan forestry and grass Bureau introduced the basic information: Ailao Mountain Wuliang Mountain area is located in the central part of Yunnan Province, at the junction of three geographical regions: Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, Hengduan Mountain and the southern edge of Qinghai Tibet Plateau. It is the ecological barrier of Ailao Mountain Wuliang Mountain in the basic pattern of “three screens and two belts” of Yunnan ecological protection red line, with an area of 8575.58 square kilometers included in the ecological protection red line, It is an important part of ecological security barrier in Southwest China; It is an important corridor for the transition from tropical to temperate zone, species migration and gene exchange in the Asian continent. It is one of the areas with the largest preservation area of subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest in China. It is also the main habitat for West black crowned gibbon and Indosinian gray leaf monkey, as well as important distribution areas of national first-class protected plants such as Taxus yunnanensis, Cycas serrata, wild Ginkgo biloba and mulleian, The diversity of its species and its causes have been highly concerned by scholars at home and abroad

as for Ailaoshan National Nature Reserve, on both sides of its north-south direction, there are Zhenyuan and Jingdong management branches of Pu’er City on the west slope, Shuangbai and Chuxiong management branches of Chuxiong Prefecture and Xinping Management Branch of Yuxi City on the east slope, and Nanhua Management Branch of Chuxiong Prefecture on the northwest. The total area of the whole region is 67700 square kilometers, and the highest peak is 3166 meters above sea level, The average altitude is 2000 meters

this is not the first tragedy in Ailao Mountain. With more than 40 years of field survival investigation experience, Han Lianxian, a professor of ornithology and field survival at Southwest Forestry University, recalled that more than 20 years ago, several teachers and students of the Art Department of Simao Teachers College (the predecessor of Pu’er College) went to Ailao Mountain to sketch. One of the students climbed the mountain to see monkeys in Chuxiong. As a result, he got lost on the way back and didn’t return that night. Local search and rescue began, The next day, the search and rescue failed. On the third day, when he was found, the student was lying by a pond in a gully. He had lost his vital signs and had no trace on his body

Han Lianxian remembers that a foreigner was lucky to survive in the past loss of contact in Ailao Mountain. Next door to the lost contact of the four geologists, in Xujiaba, Jingdong County, the hinterland of Ailao Mountain, where the positioning station of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is located, a foreigner lost his contact when going to bird watching and did not return that night. It was December, and the temperature was lower than when the four investigators lost contact. At that time, the staff of the positioning station of the Chinese Academy of Sciences were worried, but they with rich experience knew that they could not search and rescue at night. The next day, they sent people to search and reported the news layer by layer. As a result, the lost foreigner was found during the search and successfully rescued. Han Lianxian said that this was because the foreigner also had field survival experience. On the night of losing contact, he cut many branches with a Swiss Army knife, stacked them layer by layer in a shelter from the wind, climbed into the cold to avoid losing temperature, and climbed to the top of the mountain at dawn the next day. “The higher he stood, the easier it was to be found by the outside world.”

lost his way in Ailao Mountain, It is no stranger to field researchers like Han Lianxian. Han Lianxian said that he himself, his colleagues at the Institute of zoology and the students he took all had the experience of getting lost in Ailao Mountain, but they were able to save themselves from danger and get out of trouble in time with their professional knowledge, Ailao Mountain is as like as two peas in every mountain. It is very easy to get lost. Because each mountain has the same characteristics and no features, so it is very difficult to distinguish it after entering it.

in the local villagers’ cognition, they are afraid of rainy days. Because of the great temperature difference in Ailao Mountain, and after rain, the mountains are full of fog, low visibility and lower temperature. , this is their taboo to go up the mountain.

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II. What kind of work is forest resources investigation?

the task of the four geological personnel who lost contact to the mountain is forest resources investigation, not geological exploration investigation.

Han Lianxian introduced that China The investigation of forest resources is divided into two parts: one is the class II investigation of forest resources and the other is the continuous inventory of forest resources. The task of the four people belongs to the class II investigation of forest resources.

the class II investigation of forest resources is a forest resources investigation carried out every ten years with the county as the unit. According to the public information on the official website of Yunnan forestry and grass Bureau, the forest resources investigation has been carried out in Zhenyuan County, Pu’er City since 2005 Forest resources class II survey, while the whole Yunnan Province is in the “Eighteen” After the Third Plenary Session of the third CPC Central Committee, the fourth forest survey was carried out. Gu Bojian, a field researcher who once investigated the Green Peacock habitat in the Shiyang River Valley at the foot of the slope mountain in the east of Ailao, said that generally, similar surveys need to be approved by the reserve and go through relevant procedures at the provincial forestry and grass Bureau.

Han Lianxian introduced that there is a set of standardized operation methods for forestry resources survey, including fixed procedures Sample points, parameters, coordinates, etc. shall be investigated in the field and finally form a scheme report.

according to the operation rules for investigation of forest resources planning and design in Yunnan Province , the main task of the investigators is to find out the types, quantity, quality and distribution of forests, woodlands and forest resources, objectively reflect the natural, social and economic conditions of the survey area, comprehensively analyze and evaluate the current situation of forest resources and management, and put forward opinions on the cultivation, protection and utilization of local forest resources. It is mentioned that the unit undertaking the survey task must have corresponding qualifications, After receiving the investigation task, prepare the technical force and materials, determine the project leader, technical leader and investigators, organize the study of working methods and technical standards, and carry out quality education; collect the recent topographic maps, aerial photos, satellite data and images of the investigation area; organize all personnel participating in the investigation to carry out work training, pilot practice and assessment

Kunming natural resources comprehensive survey center of China Geological Survey, which undertook the survey task, was originally the tenth detachment of the gold army of the armed police. According to public data, it was established in March 1979 and collectively transferred to the China Geological Survey Bureau of the Ministry of natural resources after retirement in August 2018.

it belongs to the first national survey brigade of the Ministry of natural resources and has explored a set of methods during field survey operations Own safety manual. For example, bring communication equipment that can meet the actual needs, clarify the contact matters, including GPS, satellite phone, etc.; pay attention to the weather forecast; determine your location at any time in the forest area, keep in touch with colleagues, leave marks on the operation route; wear protective clothing, etc. This is because in the wild forest area, you may encounter accidents, loss, poisoning Natural disasters, wild animals, or infection with forest encephalitis, contact skin allergy, etc.

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three or four victims did not have plans and equipment to spend the night on the mountain?

to sum up, in view of the complex terrain of Ailao Mountain and the activities of the four victims According to the list published by the front-line search and rescue headquarters, the four of them are from Zhang Jinbang in Junlian County, Yibin, Sichuan, Yang Min in Nanchang, Jiangxi, Liu Yu in Guandu District, Kunming and Zhang Yu in Chongqing, aged 25, 27, 29 and 32 respectively.

after the incident, People claiming to be insiders of Kunming natural resources comprehensive survey center of China Geological Survey disclosed to the media that on September 7, 2021, the unit issued an internal notice and dispatched 75 comrades to participate in the national forest resources survey. Among them, Yang Min, who died this time, came from the logistics service center of the unit, was not a field operation professional, but was temporarily transferred in a There are 33 people in the “statistical table of unpaid labor protection clothing”, and Yang Min’s name is listed.

in view of the “temporary transfer” and other questions, surging news has repeatedly sought confirmation from the Kunming natural resources comprehensive survey center of the China Geological Survey. Fan Zhongyu, Secretary of the Party committee of the unit, responded: “we firmly believe that the public has the ability to distinguish right from wrong.”

surging news previously reported that the food left by the four people when they were found included: 2 packets of egg yolk pie, 4 cans of eight treasures porridge, 1 packet of chocolate, 1 packet of melon seeds, 4 packets of chicken wings, 4 bottles of drinks, and several cigarettes. The clothes include: Zhang Jinbang (yellow charge jacket + thermal underwear), Yang Min, Zhang Yu (camouflage jacket + thermal underwear), Liu Yu (down jacket + allocated charge jacket).

“Judging from the food, clothes and equipment they carried, the four of them were not ready to spend the night on the mountain.” According to Han Lianxian’s analysis, as far as the surplus food found during the search and rescue is concerned, the food carried by the four people is leisure food or small fast food. It is not a dinner, nor do they carry the tools to prepare food, which is not the equipment of field professionals. As far as clothing and equipment are concerned, the most basic sleeping bags are not carried. According to the materials they carry, they should hurry up the mountain and finish it Mission, and then went down the mountain that day, and there was no sign of planning to spend the night on the mountain. Xie Changhong, the local zhangpen Village Forest Ranger who first began to participate in the rescue, also said that in the past, when the weather was good, the staff conducting investigation activities usually went into the mountain on the same day and went out on the same day.

Han Lianxian said that in the wild