8129 new confirmed cases Greece will fully open up and strengthen needle vaccination

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Beijing, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) according to the Greek times, on the evening of November 16 local time, the Greek National Public Health Organization announced that in the past 24 hours, there were 8129 new confirmed cases in Greece, with a total of 847188 confirmed cases; There were 80 new deaths, with a total of 16923 deaths

Marios themistokleous, Secretary General of primary health care of the Ministry of health of Greece, announced that from the 19th, all people who have been fully vaccinated with the new crown vaccine can make an appointment to receive the booster vaccine through the official website at least five and a half months after the last vaccination

8129 new confirmed cases Greece will fully open up and strengthen needle vaccination

he added that for people who have been vaccinated with Pfizer, Modena and AstraZeneca, the actual injection time of the booster will be 6 months after the second dose. For people who have received a single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, they can receive booster injections two months after vaccination

George georgantas, Deputy Minister of digital governance of Greece, said that those who have been vaccinated with the new crown vaccine abroad or hold the new crown rehabilitation certificate issued abroad will be able to obtain relevant certificates in Greece in the next few days. The certificate will be issued through an application on the gov.gr platform

jorgandas also said that the restrictive measures against those who have not been vaccinated seem to have begun to work. Official data show that the number of people who have made appointments for new crown vaccine has increased significantly recently

thanos plevris, the Greek Minister of health, also said that if necessary, the government would impose further restrictions on people who were not vaccinated. However, he pointed out that any measures are protective rather than punitive

in addition, in an interview with the media, Greek Prime Minister mizotakis ruled out the possibility of a comprehensive blockade against non vaccinated people. He pointed out that virus testing is very important for epidemic prevention and control in Greece. At the same time, the country has taken a series of restrictive measures against unvaccinated people. (Cai Ling)