Activate the image of ordinary people in cultural relics. National treasure exhibition season “compares the hearts of ancestors with the piety of art

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Mr. Feng Jicai, a cultural scholar, sighed when he saw Helan Mountain rock paintings in Ningxia: “years are aphasia, but stones can speak.”. Thousands of years of vicissitudes, only rock paintings stand there and silently convey to us the production, life and spiritual pursuit of our ancestors

on the evening of November 13, the fourth issue of the new seasonal variety national treasure exhibition season, with the theme of “time aphasia, but stone can speak”, enjoyed the “stone of words” in the national treasure universe with the audience. In this special session on stone cultural relics, a group of national treasures reflecting the image of the general public are carefully selected. Under the artistic influence of the creators, when the musicians of the Tang Dynasty, the salt workers of the Eastern Han Dynasty and the actors of the Jin Dynasty “live” from the stones in turn, the audience deeply felt the life course of cultural relics. They have a brilliant past life, a dignified present life and a bright future

one detail that impressed the audience was that at the end of the drama music short play “drama dream paradise”, the children reluctantly bid farewell to the museum and made a heart to heart comparison with the deputy net pottery figurines. The most moving part of this program is to go through the clouds of history, talk with ordinary people, sing for workers, and play an ancient and youthful cultural movement with our ancestors with today’s confident and free spirit

Activate the image of ordinary people in cultural relics. National treasure exhibition season “compares the hearts of ancestors with the piety of art

taste their wisdom and creation, and feel their enthusiasm and dreams

cultural relics are the historical crystallization of the wisdom and sweat of workers, while ordinary people on cultural relics let us vaguely feel their heartbeat through a long time Breathing and body temperature

among the 81 national treasures since the three seasons of national treasures, such images can be found everywhere: palace maids kneeling and holding lamps in Changxin palace lanterns, devout craftsmen on the red palace construction drawing of Potala Palace in the Qing Dynasty, warrior figurines kneeling and shooting as if waiting for orders at any time, post envoys’ pictures like post envoys riding horses and whipping on bricks… From this point of view, the theme of this issue of national treasures · exhibition season “Years are aphasia, but stone can speak” , we can’t help but praise the ingenuity and ingenuity of the program. Over the long period of time, the most ordinary people are the writers and creators of history, and they are also the people who are most likely to resonate with us today.

the clear harp, melodious horizontal flute and crisp clapboard… The 12 performers of the central national orchestra played the condensed sound of painted scattered music relief. On the stage, From bustling wine shops to beautiful landscapes, the girls in the painted Sanle relief are no longer business women with poor fate in troubled times. They “fly into the homes of ordinary people” , walking with songs and full of joy.

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Why did you choose to interpret the elegy of the Tang Dynasty into a happy note? In the process of creation and performance, the performers of the Central National Orchestra tried to enter the inner world of these women – although they have artistic brilliance, because In the system of musical records, one must follow the music from generation to generation. One must not be the same as a lover, cannot marry a lover, and have no personal freedom. Imagining the rough fate they may suffer, the performers were touched, so they used the performance of new women in the new era to realize a dream for them. At the last moment of freeze frame, the performers turned the look of bowing their heads on the relief into a dream Raise your head to convey people’s yearning for beauty and freedom through the ages.

the other two national treasures in this issue of national treasure · exhibition season make the creators of the two groups feel “recognize their ancestors and return to their ancestors” respectively.

“Hey, hey” Among the chants, Luo lizhang, the inheritor of the non heritage of the old salt Engineering chant and the saltworks chant, sang the labor scene presented by the living salt portrait brick. The ancient salt workers held hands and shoulders, and the conditions were difficult. They shouted the chant encouraging themselves and their companions into an art of blood. Today, when entering the mechanized production industry, the saltworks chant has no soil to survive, but the old salt Engineering chant hopes to bring another generation The positive and optimistic spirit and spirit of a generation of salt workers will continue to sing as a wealth that will nourish us forever.

singing, reading and playing, Peking Opera actor Xu mengke and Shanxi Xiaoyi Shadow Puppet Troupe talked with opera sages through “Hou Ma Jin Dynasty Dong’s tomb Opera figurines” to make the five opera figurines feel the wonderful and fun of opera paradise with their children. They said: “This group of opera figurines of the Jin Dynasty are over 800 years old. They stand at the source of the opera and stare at us. We seem to see the master.”

know where they come from and where they go. If the national treasure has successfully established the blood dependent emotion between the ancients and the present, then the national treasure exhibition season Further, the historical connection between ancient and modern has been displayed more delicately and fully. This realization has benefited from the overall improvement of the audience’s cultural relics knowledge. As Mr. Yang Yang, an outreach expert of the China cultural relics exchange center, said, now the whole society is paying more and more attention to cultural relics and traditional culture, which is inseparable from the national treasure of China Central Radio and television In this way, the head platform and head programs tirelessly “cultivate culture”.

what kind of literature and art can be immortal?

like the predecessors, we should hold the people in our hearts and create good works for them

“Over the past 800 years, opera has changed more or less. What is the constant? It is our etiquette to pretend to be an orphan opera figurine and bow with both hands, which has not changed for thousands of years. The Deputy end opera Figurine whistled to make us happy, which has not changed for thousands of years. Therefore, opera should make a difference to the Chinese people. Like the predecessors 800 years ago, opera should have people in mind and create good works for them ! “at the end of this issue of national treasure exhibition season, Xu mengke’s creative speech is resounding. To some extent, it also tells the plain original intention of all national treasure creators.

national treasure exhibition season is born to meet the rich spiritual and cultural needs of the audience and create” literary and artistic exhibits “for the special exhibition of national treasure cultural relics The program is “let the national treasure live” With a pair of artistic wings, it also opens a unique cultural treasure house for the current literary and artistic creation.

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since the program was broadcast, the audience has not only enjoyed the creation and performance of colorful national treasures, but also moved by the piety and enthusiasm of literary and artistic workers Feeling. Behind each “three minutes on stage” is a large number of historical materials, on-the-spot research, experts’ experience, and looking for as many historical details as possible according to the clues in the cultural relics. Then, they “transcode” the cultural relics information and traditional culture by combining modern creativity, understanding and presentation, as well as technical means

‘s outstanding performance as like as two peas. The central national orchestra’s players perform the same sound and character decoration as they can on the same cultural relics. They try to reproduce the sound in the stone. To protect the glorious legacy of their ancestors, the Central National Orchestra, as the National Orchestra, has performed many historical scenes in recent years. National treasure They have participated in seven times. They are proud of their national culture. They also wish to convey their pride to more people.

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC, emphasized at the Forum on literary and artistic work that we should adhere to the people oriented creative guidance and strive to create more outstanding works worthy of the times. The key is that “national treasure · exhibition season” makes literature and art based on traditional culture and rooted in public life. Such literary and artistic creation is undoubtedly very confident and more grounded