Astra, a US aerospace start-up, successfully entered the 500km orbit for the fourth launch

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1343 91374fad30678121e383e5aba452ce2e - Astra, a US aerospace start-up, successfully entered the 500km orbit for the fourth launch

“the team has made great efforts for this. Guys, we’re just getting started.” Chris Kemp, co-founder and CEO of Astra Announce the successful launch on social media

this launch carried the payload of the space test program of the Department of defense innovation for the US space force. The payload is designed to measure the environmental conditions during rocket flight, and the payload is not separated from the upper stage

Astra was founded in 2016. This launch is also Astra’s fourth attempt to launch into orbit in more than a year, but the first three failed

in September last year, the guidance system of rocket 3.1 caused the launch vehicle to deviate from the planned trajectory, and the engine was shut down shortly after launch. Last December, the 3.2 rocket (rocket 3.2) almost went into orbit, but the upper stage engine was shut down early due to fuel depletion

in August this year, one of the five engines in the first stage of rocket 3.3 failed within one second of takeoff. Instead of rising vertically, the rocket tilted and circled near the ground. It began to rise about 20 seconds later. As the rocket deviated from the trajectory, the engine was shut down two and a half minutes after takeoff, the launch was terminated, and the rocket reached an altitude of about 50 kilometers

“we launched four times before entering orbit. The rocket is a hard bone to chew.” regarding the failure of Astra’s first launch attempt, musk, founder of SpaceX, once encouraged on social media, “but I believe you will handle it.”

now Astra’s fourth orbital launch challenge has finally succeeded. According to spacenews, Astra executives said on the earnings conference call on November 11 that they hope to launch the next rocket lv0008 by the end of this year. At the time of the telephone conference, lv0008 was nearing completion, and lv0009 and lv0010 rockets were in production