Biden got a “blow in the head” when he came back from his visit to Europe. The Democratic Party’s mid-term election is in trouble

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Beijing, Nov. 4 (Xinhua) according to a comprehensive report, Virginia held a governor election on the 2nd. The new Republicans unexpectedly defeated the veteran Democrats and won the state election for the first time in more than 10 years. This campaign is regarded as an indicator of whether voters trust President Biden and an important battle to observe the wind direction of the 2022 mid-term election. US media said Biden, who came back from his visit to Europe, was accused of being “hit in the head”. The first major election of his presidency showed that voters’ dissatisfaction was getting higher and higher. If the Democratic Party wants to maintain the dominance of the house and Senate in the mid-term elections, it may face great challenges

Biden got a “blow in the head” when he came back from his visit to Europe. The Democratic Party’s mid-term election is in trouble

the picture shows Yangjin’s campaign on November 1. China News Agency reporter Chen Meng unified photo

Virginia held a governor’s election on the 2nd. According to the associated press, Glen yankin, a Republican candidate and newcomer in politics, defeated McAuliffe, a Democratic opponent and veteran in politics, won the governor’s election and achieved a turnaround. He is also the first Republican to win the state’s governor election since 2009

Virginia and New Jersey are the few states in the United States that hold governor elections the year after the presidential election. At present, the governors of both states are Democrats

Yangjin, 54, was an executive of a private investment group. He had 25 years of financial investment experience and had no political experience before running for governor. McAuliffe is a “veteran” in politics and was elected governor of Virginia from 2014 to 2018

the New York Times pointed out that yankin’s victory showed the Republicans how to take advantage of Biden’s weakness and avoid Trump’s shadow

according to the associated press, Yangjin has found the password for the Republicans to “break the game” in the mid-term election, that is, “refuse to deny trump, but don’t hug him very much”. It is expected that more Republicans will imitate Yangjin’s campaign operation in 2022

Biden got a “blow in the head” when he came back from his visit to Europe. The Democratic Party’s mid-term election is in trouble(1)

on March 25 local time, US President Biden held his first official press conference in more than 60 days since taking office, answering hot issues such as border crisis, gun control, infrastructure plan and so on

the news that Virginia lost the election also gave a “blow to the head” to US President Biden, who had just returned to Washington after a trip to Europe

in the 2020 presidential election, Biden easily won Virginia by 10 percentage points. Biden had previously predicted at a press conference ending his European trip that Democratic candidate McAuliffe would win Virginia. But his prediction failed to come true

according to people familiar with the matter quoted by CNN, Biden’s team was exhausted and in a bad mood on the return plane. However, Biden responded positively to the election results in his speech after returning to the White House. He said the results must be accepted and he was proud of McAuliffe’s election performance

Biden stressed that it is difficult to change the trend of history. In the Virginia Governor’s election held after the presidential election, candidates from the same party as the winning president usually perform poorly because the enthusiasm of the other party is fully mobilized

according to the associated press, the first major election of Biden’s presidency shows that voters are increasingly dissatisfied

CNN reported that the election result in Virginia is a terrible sign for the Democratic Party to enter the 2022 mid-term election. This will determine the Democratic Party’s control of Congress and the prospects of Biden’s policy agenda

Reuters also said that the defeat in Virginia sounded an alarm for the Democratic Party’s mid-term election next year. According to the report, White House officials believe that this indicates that they must immediately pass the large-scale spending bill in Congress. Democrats urgently need to prove that they are not just chanting “we are not trump”