Blinken’s visit to sub Saharan Africa will change US policy toward Africa.

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, China, November 13, according to Qatar al Jazeera 12, the US State Department said Secretary of state Anthony Blinken will visit South Africa for the first time this week. At that time, he will visit Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal

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Blinken will visit sub Saharan Africa

, the US State Department said that Blinken will meet with the leaders of the three countries, and will discuss extensively the new crown pandemic solution and rebuild a more inclusive global economy. Addressing the climate crisis, revitalizing “our democracy” and promoting peace and security</ P>

reported that Antony Blinken was the highest ranking official of the Biden administration’s mission to sub Saharan Africa. It is reported that due to the deterioration of the security situation in Afghanistan on the eve of the US withdrawal, the visit originally scheduled for August was cancelled. Biden met with President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya in Washington, D.C. in October

the top US diplomat will first visit Nairobi. During his meeting with Kenyatta, the ongoing crisis in Ethiopia and Sudan and the ongoing conflict in Somalia will be at the top of the agenda

this visit comes at a time when Jeffrey Feltman, the special envoy of the United States “horn of Africa”, is shuttling between the capital of Kenya and Addis Ababa. The special envoy has been finalizing the ceasefire agreement between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray people’s Liberation Front (TPLF) with Au officials</ P>

last month, in Sultan, after hours of meeting with general Feldman, the military leaders completely controlled the transitional government, which obviously made Washington unprepared.

, the US State Department said that in Nairobi, Blinken will also be taken by surprise. “Promoting the cooperation between the United States and Kenya in ending COVID-19, improving clean energy access and protect the environment” After

, Antony Blinken will go to Abuja where he will meet with Nigeria President Mahamadou Buhari and give a speech on the US Africa policy.

Blinken’s visit to sub Saharan Africa will change US policy toward Africa.

the Biden administration’s policy on Africa has changed slowly

after taking office in January, some Observers hope that the Biden administration will pay more attention to sub Saharan Africa in U.S. foreign policy. Biden chose to deliver a video speech at the 2021 African Union summit in February. This is his first speech to international organizations as president.

this development comes four years after former U.S. President Donald Trump took office. Trump once called African countries It is a “junk country” and implements a travel ban on countries with a majority of Islamists, which has a serious impact on the African continent.

however, analysts say that the Biden government’s major changes in Africa policy are slow.

Jon Teming, director of the Africa Program of Freedom House, headquartered in Washington, D.C., spoke in foreign affairs in the United States in October The magazine wrote that the Biden government “made slow progress on African Issues”.

he pointed out that “in addition to making a targeted diplomatic response to the Ethiopian civil war and some hints on other key areas such as trade and investment, Biden has not clarified the strategy of the African continent” 。

Blinken’s visit to sub Saharan Africa will change US policy toward Africa.(1)

help revitalize or other purposes?

at the same time, U.S. foreign policy In early October, the magazine reported that the Biden administration planned to implement the Revitalization Strategy for the African continent in the coming months.

previously, the White House hired the Washington based Center for strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Judd de Vermont, director of the African program, former senior official of the Central Intelligence Agency and African National Intelligence Officer, joined the National Security Council to solve this problem and quickly start the process.

the magazine reported that the government is trying to “formulate a new strategy for U.S. engagement with Africa” and try to “Biden’s priorities in democracy and human rights, counter-terrorism objectives and combating the growing influence of Russia and China on the African continent” Weaving together.

Blinken will end his five day visit to Dakar, where he will meet with Senegal President Maki Sall, who will take over as the rotating chairman of the African Union in 2022.

State Department said “The Secretary of state will participate in activities to highlight the strong business relationship between the United States and Senegal, expand the role of Senegalese women entrepreneurs, and demonstrate the partnership of the United States in combating the new crown pandemic.”