Caltech researchers have developed tools to “read” jellyfish ideas

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researchers at the California Institute of technology have now developed a genetic toolbox specifically for repairing clytia hemisphaerica, a jellyfish about 1 cm in diameter when fully grown. Using this toolbox, the researchers genetically engineered these tiny organisms so that their neurons fluoresce alone when activated. Because jellyfish are transparent, researchers can observe the light of animal neural activity. In other words, the research team can read the jellyfish’s thoughts in the process of eating, swimming and avoiding predators, so as to understand how the animal’s relatively simple brain coordinates its behavior

Caltech researchers have developed tools to “read” jellyfish ideas

“Our experiments show that the seemingly dispersed network of neurons supporting the circular jellyfish umbrella is actually subdivided into slices of active neurons, which are organized into wedges like slices of pizza,” Anderson explained, “When a jellyfish catches a saltwater shrimp with its tentacle, the neurons in the’pizza slice’ closest to the tentacle will be activated first, which in turn causes the part of the umbrella to fold inward and then bring the shrimp to the mouth. Importantly, if you look at the anatomy of the jellyfish, you can’t see this level of nerve tissue even under a microscope. You must be able to take the active nerves Meta visualization can see it — that’s what our new system can do. ”

weissbourd stressed that this is only the surface of the whole drama of understanding jellyfish behavior. “In future work, we want to use this jellyfish as an operable platform to accurately understand how behavior is generated by the whole nervous system. In the context of food transmission, understanding how tentacles, umbrellas and mouths coordinate with each other allows us to understand the more common problems of modular functions in the divine scripture system and how these modules coordinate with each other. Finally The goal is not only to understand the nervous system of jellyfish, but also to use it as a springboard to understand more complex systems in the future. ”

this new model system is directly used by researchers anywhere. Jellyfish strains can be maintained in artificial seawater in laboratory environment and transported to collaborators who are interested in using this small animal to answer questions