Cambodia has entered a new stage of anti epidemic and accelerated its economic recovery

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(novel coronavirus pneumonia) Kampuchea enters a new stage of anti epidemic to accelerate economic recovery.

, China News Agency, Phnom Penh, November, 14 (reporter Ouyang Kaiyu) with the slowing down of COVID-19, the Kampuchea government has formally implemented the strategy of coexistence with COVID-19 to accelerate the economic return to the track of rapid growth in the past. Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Kampuchea on the 14 day of the Ministry of health, p>

, according to the report of the 55 day of the new crown pneumonia confirmed by the PCR. Among the newly confirmed cases, 6 cases were imported from abroad, 62 cases were cured and 6 cases died (4 cases have not been vaccinated). As of the morning of November 14, Cambodia had diagnosed 119000 cases, cured 115000 cases and died 2867 cases

Cambodia has entered a new stage of anti epidemic and accelerated its economic recovery

as COVID-19 slows down, Kampuchea has fully reopened its doors since November 1st and has fully resumed all walks of life. If novel coronavirus pneumonia is diagnosed, only medical treatment is needed. The government will no longer force the “epidemic” factories, markets and districts to be closed. The picture shows the central streets of Phnom Penh after the full opening, and the number of vehicles gradually increased. Novel coronavirus pneumonia reporter Ouyang Kaiyu photo

Kampuchea Prime Minister Hong Sen announced the 13 night to launch the new crown pneumonia epidemic oriented toward the new normal life strategy, a total of 36 pages. Hun Sen said that this strategy will help the country accelerate its economic recovery

Hun Sen said that as of November 9 this year, children and adults over the age of 6 who had completed two doses of vaccination accounted for 82% of the national population. He thanked China and other countries for providing Cambodia with the new crown vaccine, enabling Cambodia to build a mass immunization barrier by the end of October this year, and finally reopen the country and fully restore all walks of life on November 1

Hun Sen said that although more than 80% of the population has completed vaccination, the current infection rate has decreased significantly and the epidemic situation has been basically controlled, it is impossible for Cambodia to completely eliminate the virus. Therefore, Cambodia needs to adapt to the new normal and promote economic recovery from the epidemic

Hun Sen stressed that the two-year epidemic crisis has seriously affected the country’s public health and economic and social activities. Now is the best time to fully reopen the country and restore all walks of life. We should get out of the epidemic crisis and return the economy to the track of high-speed growth in the past while protecting people’s health and life safety

Hun Sen pointed out that the full recovery of all walks of life means that the risk of epidemic outbreak or spread will increase. In order to minimize the risk of epidemics, Kampuchea must maintain its immunity to COVID-19, especially to cope with the variant virus. Therefore, the competent authorities will continue to track and evaluate the efficacy of vaccines to adjust vaccination campaigns or other necessary measures. P>

novel coronavirus pneumonia strategy toward new normal life pointed out that COVID-19 nucleic acid detection capability in Kampuchea has been improving. Up to now, there are 16 laboratories in the country, handling 7000 to 8000 nucleic acid samples daily. In the severe period of the epidemic, it can process up to 10000 to 12000 nucleic acid samples per day

up to now, 79 hospitals and 145 treatment centers in Cambodia are treating new crown patients. There are 1626 ICU beds in government hospitals and medical centers, and the government has set aside 702 beds to receive patients. (end)