Cambodia’s national high school entrance examination will be held as scheduled in 2021

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China News Agency, Phnom Penh, November 16 (reporter Ouyang Kaiyu) – thanks to the completion of the goal of youth vaccination, the national high school entrance examination in Cambodia in 2021 was held as scheduled on November 15 and 16. The official said that the examination room was orderly and there was no mass infection

Han sinalie, director of Phnom Penh Education Bureau, pointed out that Phnom Penh middle school examination halls strictly implement epidemic prevention measures, set up alcohol disinfection and body temperature measurement points at the import and export of each examination hall, and arrange special examination halls in advance in case. On the first day of the high school entrance examination, there were nearly 16000 reference students in Phnom Penh

Cambodia’s national high school entrance examination will be held as scheduled in 2021

up to now, the goal of new crown vaccination for children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 in Cambodia has been completed, with a total of 3.709 million vaccinated, of which 3.246 million have completed two doses of vaccination

since the new semester from 2021 to 2022 will begin on January 10 next year, the national high school entrance examination is planned to be held from November 15 to 16. According to the regulations of the Ministry of education of Cambodia, candidates must accept the temperature measurement when entering the examination room. If the temperature exceeds 37.5 ℃, rest for 5 minutes first, and then measure it again. They can enter the examination room when their temperature returns to normal. If the temperature still exceeds 37.5 ℃, they must be isolated in the special examination room</ At present, novel coronavirus pneumonia is stepping up the implementation of the new normal life strategy under the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Kampuchea. P>

is now fully open to all sectors of the economy to accelerate economic recovery. On November 1, all Cambodian schools resumed classes in an all-round way, and the Education Department determined the time of this year’s secondary and college entrance examination. The government decided to postpone the national college entrance examination originally scheduled for December 6 to December 27

in addition, a new batch of new crown vaccines donated by China to Cambodia will arrive on the 17th. At that time, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen will go to Phnom Penh International Airport to receive them. Ru songba, State Secretary of the Ministry of health of Cambodia, pointed out that China is the first country to donate the new crown vaccine to Cambodia and the country that supplies the most new crown vaccine to Cambodia, which is the strategic dependence of Cambodia’s new crown vaccine supply. The vaccination rate of new crown vaccine in Cambodia is relatively high in regional countries, which is inseparable from China’s support. (end)